The Oneness Blessing (Part Three)

Along with my sister and her friend, I attended my fifth Deeksha or Oneness Blessing today—one week following my fourth Deeksha.

The past week has been an emotionally, physically and intellectually challenging period as I was at a rare all-time low in all aspects. I have been disappointed at the results of the Deeksha, expecting of course that I would be walking on water by now or at the very least be in a totally different space or awareness.

All week I have been anxious, frustrated and impatient. This forced me into taking action, and I painted some of the rooms in my house. This may be a positive reaction to the Deeksha as I have had the paint chips on my kitchen table for three years, unable to motivate myself or even choose the colours.

In parts one and two I mentioned that I have noticed less stress through the day. However, this last week it seemed as though I was back to where I was before the Deeksha. It may not be that I am experiencing more stress, but have become accustomed to less, and it is now the norm. The floating feeling is still there, sort of half drunk or in a twilight zone. I have been emotionally drained and only feel a strong sense of anxiousness, like something is going to happen. Like a bus that is late, it has not reached my expectations or it may have come early and I missed it.

This is the state of awareness I have been in for some time now. So I am reluctant to say it a result of the Deeksha. It may just be that I am more aware of this feeling at this time.

Often when one moves into a new awareness there is a cleansing period which is emotionally upsetting. You must get rid of the old baggage in order to have room for the new. The Buddhists would say you must empty your cup of the old tea, before you have room for the new tea. It makes perfectly good sense, and it is definitely disconcerting.

My sister’s experience has been one of less stress as well, and the floating feeling. She says there is an awareness of a change or change to come. It’s like sitting on the edge, a knowingness that wasn’t there before, but you just can’t put your finger on it.

Her friend, who has now had the two Deekshas, says she notices less stress and drama in her life over the first week. Usually she would have yelled at one or two people at work, but has not raised her voice to anyone last week.

So there is some consensus amongst us. We are all experiencing the same things as we always have, but we are not witnessing them as drama, and with indifference, as events which pass quickly.

I finished the book last week and wished I had waited longer. I read about people who have experienced radical and profound events after the Deeksha. Their lives have been completely turned around and miracles have happened—while others have been disappointed and angered by the lack of results. I am somewhat of the later. My expectations are still high, but I am impatient.

Spiritually however, radical change may not work for me. One can only accept change within one’s ability to adjust to it—within the purpose or positive benefit of the experience. Being overwhelmed may not work for many. It may be like something whizzing though your field of vision at super sonic sound—you may feel the effects, but the experience would not be complete or meaningful.

I will schedule another Deeksha for next week, but I’m not sure if I will report on it. I am not really sure about my objectivity and ability to note the subtle changes which may benefit you or help you decide to try it out.

However, it wouldn’t hurt for you to read the book in the mean time, so I will repeat the name of it here. It’s written by Arjuna Ardagh and is titled “Awakening into Oneness.” ISBN: 978-1-59179-573-5