The Oneness Blessing (Part Four)

My scheduled Deeksha occurred last Sunday as usual. This was Deeksha number five.

Nothing unusual happened during the almost two hours my sister, her friend and I attended the meeting. Much of the time was spent bonding with the practitioners, Angela, Shane, and their cat.

We were expecting Jane, another Deeksha giver to be there and add to the energy. Jane was the one who gave me my first two Deekshas. She did stop by for a couple of minutes after the Deeksha was over, just to touch base. In the book, it is reported that the Deeksha can be much stronger with others attending, either givers or receivers.

Although the floating or calming feeling has remained with all of us, nothing different was noticed during the week, except for one exception. Tuesday evening was an incredibly upsetting night for me. I was at war with my pillow, mattress, and comforter for four hours before I finally fell to sleep. I couldn’t get comfortable and I was determined not to give in and get up-it was a mistake!

When I did finally manage to get to sleep, I had horrible nightmares and dreams. I did mention a cleansing period in “part three” but I didn’t expect that I would go through this again. I went through this when I took up the “holosync” program several years ago. It’s not a pleasant experience and I thought I had left that all behind. The characters and images were old news that I thought I had put to rest. Neither my sister nor her friend has gone through this. I have had more blessings than them and it may come up later in their experience.

Our next Deeksha was scheduled for today at the home of Angela and Shane. They weren’t there when we arrived and we have not heard from them all week. We were most disappointed and returned to my home to look for another local blessing giver. The book said it is common for seven to eight weeks to go by before one would notice changes and we want to move forward.

I went to the blessing site on the internet to find another local practitioner. We found another listed with no contact number and another in a neighbouring town.

I am beginning to think we are awfully hard on our practitioners and they don’t want to be involved. As a group we do ask a lot of questions and talk extensively. We are anxious to live out the Deeksha experience so my sister made contact with the out-of-town practitioner and made an appointment with him for herself and her friend later today. I declined as it is a longer drive for me. There is a local drop-in once a week, but that was also cancelled this week. So, it has become fairly obvious that I will not have a Deeksha this week. As I don’t believe in coincidence, the missing blessing this week must have a purpose.

I remainÂ…