The Oneness Blessing (Part Five)

The “Oneness Blessing” continues but for how long. Have we received any benefit from them? Where do we go next?

My sister and I have now received eight Deekshas. Our friend Kathy who usually accompanies us has received six. None of us are walking on water yet nor have there been any great revelations come into our lives. The one noticeable aspect of the Deeksha has been the calming in our lives. That may or may not be an advantage and it really depends on how much one enjoys the chaos in their lives. We have all agreed that it is welcomed. Kathy and my sister love our new blessing giver, Shiraz. Linda likes to listen to him talk and Kathy feels wonderful after the blessing.

Linda still wants to go to India and learn how to give the blessing as she feels it will enhance her Reiki training and the experience of her clients.

I have no such aspirations and the reason for these series of reports is to just give my readers my own personal experience of the blessing.

Sometimes changes are subtle, so anything that I report may seem insignificant in the short term, however, in the bigger picture they may lead to massive changes in my life. Although I went into this arrangement with great expectations for meaningful change, I have tried to stay objective and dispassionate so that I am not creating things that I can attach to the Deeksha. It may not be possible to remain objective and expect change in something as subjective as the blessing. I think we have to let go with acceptance to reap the greatest benefits.

Millions of dollars and thousands of man hours have been poured into the Oneness University and the blessing. People are spending thousands of dollars to attend just so that they can give the blessing, so I believe there must be something to it. I have read in the book “The Oneness Blessing” of well known people from all walks of life including professional people and celebrities, who have received the training. But is it a 21 day holiday or escape or just an exercise in the latest thing. Why does one have to spend $10,000 or more to go to India to receive the blessing? We have asked that question and I am not sure I like the answer. It is the couple who started the university Sri Bhagavati Sametha and Sri Ghagavate Namaha who alone possess the power of the oneness blessing to give it to others.

Now, in truth they may be the centre or have a concentration of this power that is beneficial, but I get nervous when any individual or individuals are set up as exclusive. It’s not that my concern is a definitive warning, but more of a caution.

Like many, I would like to find answers to life’s burning questions and solutions to every day issues from one source. Experience has taught me there is no one solution and the centre for the answers lies within each and every one of us for our own unique answers. The Deeksha is a physical experience. If it sets you free to move on and explore other options then it will have very special physical implications in a life of conscious transformation. It is simply another step along your journey of a thousand steps. If it creates dependency, then it is to be avoided. Any valuable faith, religion, or belief system must set you free to move away from it.

Evolution, transformation, and growth occurs only after you have experienced all there is in the box and have moved out. I am not an expert on the “Oneness Blessing,” and I remain open to it and the benefits it may impart on me. I am not going to be making regular pilgrimages to my blessing giver accept as I feel the urge to do so.

I have my 9th Deeksha scheduled for today and I have decided not to have any beer afterwards. We have made an appointment with Angella only and her husband will not be included. I believe it is important to try several different blessing givers under different circumstances. Each giver and every circumstance should bring different experiences to you. You don’t really want to build a co-dependency with anyone. You can always go back to a previous giver as we are doing today and it is a good idea to do that every so often. You will be surprised how different the experience will be with the previous giver after you have been with someone else.

Remember, life begins on the edge and it cannot exist in a box-that is why they bury you in one.