The Obvious Advantages of using Professional Document Storage Facilities

Even worse, are you on the verge of planning a move to a larger office simply to accommodate more files and filing cabinets for your documents? Or are you a company who has rented a self-storage unit to simply store documents? Whichever scenario best describes your document storage situation; you are urged to read the following. A solution is on its way.

Employing a professional document storage company to rationalize your document storage system might just be the solution. Possibly the first thought that comes to mind is the expense. But did you realize that storing your own documents on-site or in a self-storage unit maybe costing you more money than actually using a professional company to do it for you? Not only can a professional company save you money it offer a number additional benefits. But hold that thought. Let’s look closely at some of the disadvantages of your existing storage and retrieval facility.

Storage of business documents in your office
Hidden costs abound in storing your own documents. These include:

  • Wasted office space- Every filing cabinet that takes up valuable space that could actually be put to better use. What’s more important? A filing cabinet or space for a desperately needed new member of staff?
  • Staffing costs to maintain your filing system.- Having a designated employee to devise and manage your filing system maybe better than an ad hoc system but there are still distinct disadvantages. Individuals differ in how they set up systems for naming and retrieving files which usually means that the only person who can use the system is the one who devised it. Other staff cannot always find things as they need them. Not time efficient.
  • Storage of your own files raises issues of space, time and cost efficiency.

Storage of your business documents in a Self-storage facility
Many businesses are short-sighted in thinking that using self-storage is a good option because it is conveniently located to their offices. While self-storage may appear to solve many of the problems mentioned above, it clearly has a number of unique disadvantages. Here’s why:

  • Time consuming– Can your company really afford to send staff to and from the self-storage unit? This costs you in time, wages and lost work.
  • Not cost effective– When you originally budgeted for storage did you consider the cost of the retrieval of your documents?
  • Not as secure as you may think– So it’s got CCTV. Is there a guarantee that somebody is watching it 24/7? Strangers constantly walk past your unit which often has a flimsy lock to secure it. Is this safe enough? Would a padlock stop them from getting in?
  • Limited hours to get your paper work– what happens if you urgently need a document at 12.00am and the lock-up shuts at 10pm? You have a problem.
  • Cold & damp– Some self-storage units are not temperature controlled. In this environment paperwork can quickly deteriorate.
  • No inventory– Storage Units do not prepare inventories for you, therefore you have the added cost of time and money of doing it yourself.
  • Greater risk of fires– unless the storage facility scrutinizes all stored goods, which often they don’t, it is possible that the unit next door could be storing flammable goods.

Essentially can you afford to leave your business files, in a place that neither offers the security or the environment to protect your files nor the convenience to access them?

Advantages of using a Professional Business Document Storage Facility
So here is the solution. The following is an overview of the key advantages to having professional business document storage take over the responsibility of storing and retrieving your files. A reputable company will provide this level of service.

  • Safety – Professional companies are in the business of storing documents and make it their primary task to know everything about document storage! Every precaution is taken to ensure all the documents are stored safely and prevent fire, theft, flood and any other harm that may put them at risk. All documents are stored to British Standards BS5454:2000 and storage rooms are temperature & humidity controlled, to preserve the quality of your documents.
  • Security – The storage facility should be secured with a state of the art intruder alarm that sends an alert to a member of staff if it goes off which will enable them to take action 24hrs a day.
  • Efficient File Management– a professional company will index and catalogue your documents and provide an initial inventory and an on-going inventory of what comes in and goes out.
  • Efficient Retrieval of Documents– a professional company will have a range of methods to get your documents back to you including, collection (often free), courier, post and e-mail.
  • Access– you will get unlimited access to your documents.
  • Cost-effective– all in all, a professional company will offer professional solutions to your document storage requirements at competitive prices.

Finally a company with the right reputation and commitment to safe and secure storage will also offer a confidential waste service to ensure secure destruction of unwanted files and prevent them from landing in the wrong hands. Use the above as a checklist when you are searching for the right company to meet your document storage needs.