The New and Inventive Wave Board

Bursting on to the scene in the early 2000’s the Wave Board has not stopped gaining momentum and popularity amongst the extreme sports generation. Inspired by the desire to have the surfing sensation on the street, the wave boards design allows you to feel like you are riding a wave when you are actually just cruising down the neighborhood hill. The wave board has a unique two wheel design that at first looks intimidating to ride but actually proves to be quite easy to learn. Not only can you surf down hills but the wave board is one of the first boards that allow you to ride up hill and your feet never have to touch the ground. Propelled by making an “S” shape with your hips the wave board moves without you needing to push on the ground with your feet. The momentum you gain with this movement can be controlled extremely well. You want to go fast? With some practice you can really cruise on this board. You want to go slow? There is no other board that compares to the balance and tight slow turns that the wave board can accomplish. If your turning space is as wide as the wave board is long then you can make the turn. I have seen riders turn 180 degrees in places that seemed tighter the board itself.

The wave board is not limited to just cruising the streets though. Young people are starting to ride ramps, half pipes and whipping out some insane freestyle tricks. Kick flips, 180’s, 360’s, and manuals are just a few of the freestyle tricks you can do on the board. Maybe you do not want to gain top notch speeds or whip out some sweet tricks, but you do want a new exciting and an incredibly enjoyable workout. Another aspect of this amazing board is the cardio and core workout you can get just by riding. The “S” motion works on your core and legs and the non stop motion can give you a great cardio workout. Some people I know use the board simply for this fun and exciting exercise workout. With the maneuverability, the ease of learning and all the activities the wave board provides it is no mystery why it is gaining so much popularity. Drive by your local skate park and chances are you will see some young people riding the wave board. Every time I am out riding I have people stop me and ask, “What is that board?” or “Can I try?” Each time I answer, “Yeah give it a shot.” And within minutes they are balanced on the board and riding around. I can see in their eyes how much they want one at that very moment. The momentum and popularity this board has with riders all over the world is not about to stop. You can ride the wave board during any season, just about anywhere and your riding styles are endless. The Wave Board is the “Wave” of the future.