The Need For A Sharp Memory

In a way, success and a sharp memory go together like a horse and carriage or hamburger and fries.

Just imagine how inconvenient or embarrassing it would be to be absent-minded or just plainly, to have a dull memory. Think of the benefits a sharp memory will bring to you by considering the following:

• Visualize how impressed your associates, clients, co-workers, or your manager will be if you can commit to memory loads of names, figures, dates, and addresses (to mention a few), without the aid of paper or any devices that will make you recall such information. Not only will they be amazed, they will think that you are one step ahead of them when it comes to memory recall.

• In social gatherings, the sound of one’s name is music to one’s ears. And if you can accurately remember names of other people (even those you hardly know personally), you will attract interest and attention from them.

• Being alert as a result of having a sharp memory earns respect from others. It is infectious in a way, because being alert makes other people alert too.

• When you have a good memory, people will look at you as somebody whom they can rely on. If you’re branded as somebody who is forgetful, they will treat you as if you didn’t exist.

• When you have a sharp memory, you are a time saver. If you spend most of your time cramming on things you can’t find because you forget where you put them, the day would just end without actually getting anything done.

• With a sharp memory, you can comprehend things more easily and quickly. You don’t need to spend more time consuming repetition of instructions or what has just been said.

You may ask, “Just how is it possible to have a sharp memory?” Although the subject of our discussion is mainly on the benefits that can be obtained as a result of having a sharp memory, a brief discussion on how to attain this follows.

Just like the physical body, the brain’s memory cells also require periodic exercises. You need to think positive, be creative, imaginative, and active at all times. Even not so important things can help to keep your memory in prime condition, just like physical exercise. Processing information in the brain keeps the memory sharp.

A proper diet is another important factor. What is food for the body is also food for the brain, in turn enhancing or sharpening the memory. It means intake of nutritious foods and avoiding junk foods. The Food Pyramid Guide for proper selection of food groups is a good source of information.

Read books, lots of them. Read to comprehend and discover new vocabularies. This stimulates the mind to store new information. Keep your interest to learn in a high level. This is possible if your mind is preoccupied with working and thinking about something you like to do. Not only do you get to have an improved memory, you also get to be a wiser individual.