The Natural Goodness of Herbal Supplements

The use of herbal supplements in increasing throughout the world, and it is with good reason. It is a well documented fact that a great deal of herbal supplements have within them hundreds of vital nutrients, these nutrients can supplement your diet as well as improve your overall health. Herbal supplements are know to build up ones immunity to diseases, thus increasing their way of life. In addition, authentic, high-grade herbal supplements treat a host of problems generated due to ones lifestyle like diabetes, obesity, acidity, constipation, hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol, hair loss, sleeplessness, skin diseases, anxiety, thyroid dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, the list goes on and on.

Approximately 100 million Americans are on some type of herbal supplements, and most will agree that Americans are discerning when it comes to health matters and they would have latched on to these supplements only after they were convinced of their benefits. This goes on to prove that herbal supplements are indeed beneficial for the body. In fact, the principal ingredient in many prescription medicines is also a plant/herb extract.

During the thousands of years that humans have been making use of herbs, the specific effects of these herbs have been well documented. The following is a list of commonly used herbs in supplements and their positive effects:

Hoodia Gordonii: Hoodia Gordonii is the extract of a cactus-like plant from the South African deserts of Angola. It is a natural appetite-suppressant and has been used by the hunting Bushmen tribe of Kalahari Desert for ages to ward off hunger and thirst during their long hunting expeditions. It is one of the fastest and most effective herbal supplements for weight loss. Its effectiveness has been backed by scientific research.

Ginkgo: The Ginkgo tree, which is referred to as the “Tree of Heaven”, is considered a living fossil. The extract from its leaves contain an array of health-enhancing nutrients. In addition to being used to improve blood circulation, Gingko herbal supplements are also commonly used for enhancing memory.

Goldenseal: This is yet another wonder herb that has many medicinal properties. It aids digestion, acts as an antimicrobial and triples up as a remedy for canker sores.

Echinacea: Widely known as an immune system booster, Echinacea is also used as a natural antibiotic. It improves the functioning of the lymph glands and many studies have concluded that it helps in increased production of white blood cells. Echinacea Tea is good for infections and is also used in the treatment of skin cancer.

Ginseng: This herb is known to increase the power of concentration and helps in building up physical stamina as well.

St. John’s Wort: The uses of this particular herb include treating mild cases of anxiety and depression.

The extracts from these as well as tons of other herbs are being sold currently under many different brand names in the market. There is an array of conditions currently treated by herbal supplements; these include hair growth, weight loss, skin care, bowel cleansing, menopausal symptoms, general well being, improving sexual function, etc. Many are now turning to the internet to buy their herbal supplements, finding it more convenient and better priced that retail outlets.

Do herbal supplements have side effects?

Herbal supplements, like all medicines, sometimes have side effects. These effects however are usually extremely mild and nothing for the user to be concerned with. Most people who take them believe that the positive effect herbal supplements have on them is far greater than the miniscule side effects they might occasional incur.


Packed with a wide range of nutrients, herbal supplements can benefit an individuals health greatly. A person can take herbal supplements to simply improve on their general sense of well being as well as take them to treat a specific condition. Herbal supplements should be taken by people looking to improve their health and have a lasting positive effect on their all around sense of self.