The Mundanity Of Excellence

What makes one person become excellent at something whilst another person remains pretty average? Most people seek to find an exceptional reason that explains extraordinary success, but in reality the root causes are usually fairly mundane. You might like to read a research paper entitled “The mundanity of excellence” just to satisfy yourself that this is a real fact and not something that I have made up!

A large factor that is involved in becoming excellent is that of persistence. To keep trying to achieve a goal and to keep practicing the necessary skills are of course keys to acquiring excellence and success.

Both of these factors are equally important. If you give up before you have found the correct route to success then of course you will not get there. In the modern world we can easily see a trend towards finding a quick fix, but we usually find that there really is no such thing. Quick fixes do not usually produce lasting or satisfying results.

Looking for a quick fix usually achieves the opposite of what the name suggests. It gets in your way and takes your focus off what you should be concentrating your energies upon. It in fact results in you taking a lot longer to achieve your goal, sapping your energy and chipping away at your desire to persevere and persist.

Thus keeping your eye upon your real goal is a key element in achieving excellence. When you think about it, this is quite a mundane fact. In itself it is not extraordinary!

Then there is the factor of practicing the correct skills that you wish to become excellent in. In golf this might mean repeating the correct swing, rhythm, tempo, focus or stroke. In swimming it will involve employing and practicing the optimal technique.

You can spend many hours in practice, but unless you are practicing the right things you will not achieve excellence. Thus a further mundane key to excellence is to ensure that you are practicing the correct things. Quality wins over quantity in this respect.

And I think everyone will agree that the simple process of repeating a skill time and again will lead to an acquisition of excellence. This repetitive action is of course also mundane. This is often the part of the excellence equation that people find most difficult to traverse. They get bored.

If you study the behaviors of super successful people you will find that they do not get bored. They love what they are practicing; the process of practice fascinates them. Thus if you wish to acquire excellence you should find a way in which to become fascinated in your subject, so that you love it so much that you don’t have to think about perseverance. You just want to do it.

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