The Mr. Hyde And Dr. Jekyll Syndrome In Connection With Male Menopause

It is not that popular yet, but somehow, it is known that men or males are burdened with this analytical affliction called Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll Syndrome or simply, male menopause.

Robert Stevenson inscribed a book regarding Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll way back in 1886. The book discussed about Dr. Jekyll in search of how he could divide two personalities of the human specie in order for him to separate and clearly define good and evil. By that time, no one was in support of Dr. Jekyll’s studies, so, he experimented it upon himself giving birth to Mr. Hyde, the doctor’s evil side.

Mr. Hyde did all the revenge to those who brought pain and anguish to Dr. Jekyll’s life. Misery, anger, vengeance, and madness were all over. Mr. Hyde was just unstoppable, even Dr. Jekyll found it so hard to control his evil counterpart. Mr. Hyde was so wicked.

Now, the male menopause or in the medical community, they call it andropause, is a stage or period in a man’s life where he undergoes so many changes in about every aspect of his being, from psychological, interpersonal, social, physical, mental, and even spiritual aspect. How is male menopause related to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome? Both, the syndrome and male menopause are thought of as transitional stages among men.

Dr. Jekyll desired to separate the good from the evil. This can be closely related to men’s longings to be entirely good or bad depending on life’s situations. Sometimes, men are faced with the decision to make a stand between good or bad. Meanwhile, male menopause is a change, a transition from that first adulthood to a second one. It is the period where men mature, and focused more on what are essentials. This is that time where they focused more on their inner selves compared the first adulthood where they are more concentrated on their outer beings.

However, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde differ from andropause or male menopause in several points. The split personality syndrome of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde can happen or occur to men at anytime. There is no age boundaries, or qualifications while menopause has that certain age factor in men for it to occur. Male menopause usually takes place as a man reaches 40 yeas old and above.

Another difference is that, male menopause is regarded as a chemical or hormonal changes, and may bring on both positive and negative on man’s being. While that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is more on the psychological side. In addition, stimulating factors are basically environmentally related like vices, misfortunes and miseries in life, and friends’ influences. More often than not, the syndrome displays more negativity unless the evil counterpart is defeated.

These conditions can either make or break men. It totally depends upon the person to make a choice. If Mr. Hyde is allowed to rule, then love and peace is out of the vocabulary. Everybody and everything will be disturbed and bothered. But if Dr. Jekyll takes the rein, then all the negative emotions will be deeply suppressed, and this can also affect both man and those around him. A Dr. Jekyll and a Mr. Hyde must go together hand in hand in harmony to have balance in life.

Male menopause breaks a man if he takes it negatively. If man sees andropause as a threat and a nuisance, then it sure will bother him. But this may not be so, if men look at andropause as something of great benefits to him and his being. Men just need a positive attitude in dealing with male menopause.