The Most Romantic Way To Propose Is Always The Best

In the movie Bride Wars one sees Kate Hudson playing the part of a fiancée to be preempting a romantic proposal. She discovers the ring and runs to her boyfriend brimming with excitement. Fortunately, he knows her well and still manages to turn the situation into one of romance, albeit not in quite the manner he had originally planned.

The key factor here is that despite the fact she found the ring, she clearly knew that he had gone to the trouble of choosing the ring and planning a perfect proposal. She knew that he loved her unreservedly. And this is very important. We girls were taught to dream at a young age of Cinderella moments, where we are swept of our feet and treated like a princess. And from the mans perspective it’s clearly important to receive an enthusiastic response to that particular question.

And so if we are not treated in that romantic manner we might be forgiven for thinking that something is missing; or for harboring a lingering doubt about the depth of our potential fiancé’s love or the extent of his/her commitment to a hopefully deeply loving and caring relationship. It helps to set off in a relationship on the right footing. And the most important relationship of all is usually the one with your spouse.

If you are going to propose then you may as well do it properly. Otherwise you are not giving your relationship, or your potential happiness, the best chance of success. A high degree of excitement and fun in anything is the key motivator for success. If you embark upon any task with a lack-luster feeling you quickly learn to expect a rather tarnished result.

And so if you are wondering whether to take the risk, buy the ring and plan a great romantic proposal, be assured that this really is the best way forward. Your relationship moves into its next phase at a quick pace, fuelled by excitement and fun as well as love and affection. Your relationship is free flowing, unrestricted and unrestrained.

The alternative of hanging back and possibly discussing whether or not to get married do not give out those same signals or elicit those essential feelings. By comparison it is a rather damp squib. You are left questioning whether or not he/she really does love you or if he/she loves you enough. And then inevitably your own response is more guarded and less open that it would otherwise be.

If you want a fully committed, open and freely loving relationship to flourish and prosper between you then it is important to inject as much romance into that proposal as you can. Sometimes this can pose a challenge, especially to those who are shy or a little insecure. But surely you can make the effort to overcome these fears in this most intimate and important of circumstances?

I was chatting with someone yesterday who mentioned that when his girlfriend at the time asked “are we ever going to get married?” he replied “I guess so”. Not the most willing of marriage subjects! And I’m sure the feeling his wife experienced was not one that was over-full of excitement, joy, romance and so on.

A marriage does inevitably take effort. There will always be issues to face and compromises to make. To start off your life together filled with a strong feeling of love and romance makes those times a lot easier to tackle. You have great memories and feelings to fall back upon and these help to navigate those bumps and to keep them in perspective.

This is why I say that a romantic proposal is always the best. If you are going to do it, do it properly. Don’t be half-hearted about this massively important moment of your life.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for relationship issues.

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