The Most Protective Covering

Protection is possibly the world’s most dire need. People today are living in fear of environmental disasters, terrorist plots, wars and plagues. How can our governments fully protect everyone? We are in the end-times before Jesus’ second coming. The Bible is full of prophesies describing the events and calamities leading up to it. We are feeling the effects right now. No government, bulletproof clothing, or gas mask can stop this process.
The country of Egypt went through nine consecutive devastating plagues. The people had absolutely no protection from their government except for the Israelites, who were spared by God. As if that was not enough, pharaoh brought on a tenth plague by ordering all the firstborns to be murdered. But … God gave Moses instructions for the Israelites to escape this horrendous disaster. There were a number of specific directives they had to follow. The most important of these was for each household to kill an unblemished firstborn male lamb on the evening the slaughter of the children was to take place. Then they were told to apply its blood on the left, right and upper door posts of their houses. The blood was for a sign on their houses for God to pass over them and spare them from the plague that night! (Ex. 5-12)
Imagine having to go through an elaborate ritual of sprinkling lamb’s blood on your doors to ward off disasters! It worked miraculously for the Jewish nation at that time; it is still commemorated by them today as the Passover. But, what does that have to do with protecting you and me in this day?
Moses was given exact instructions in the desert to build a tabernacle, where the high priest would offer a blood sacrifice for the sins of the people. (Heb. 8: 5, 7) Almost all things had to be purified by blood according to the law. The earthly tabernacle and sacrifices were a blueprint of the heavenly tabernacle. The Lamb of God, Jesus, through His Blood sacrifice on the cross at Calvary became our High Priest. (Heb. 9:22,23,24)
You see, the life of all creatures is in the blood. (Lev. 17: 14) Without blood there is no life! If the animal sacrifices in the old covenant had the power to rid the people from their sins, how much more powerful is the precious Blood of Jesus shed for you! (Heb. 8: 9,13,14)
At the moment of His death on the cross, the huge, heavy veil covering the Holy of Holies of the temple, where only the high priest could enter once a year, was torn from top to bottom. That veil signified the earthly body of Jesus. He was the first man to enter heaven with body and blood. (Heb. 10: 20; Mat. 27:50,51) The Old Covenant was replaced by the New.
When Jesus ascended into heaven, He entered into the Holy of Holies once and for all as your High Priest. Now you, too, can enter right into the throne room because His blood covers your sins before a Holy God! (Heb. 10: 19) That is why Jesus declared that unless: “you drink his blood, ye have no life in you.” (John 6: 53)
Everyone who sees the Son, and believes in Him, may have everlasting life, and will be raised up by the Father on the last day! (John 6: 40) “Being justified by His blood, you are saved from all harm through Him!” (Rom. 6:9)

Therefore, have courage! “The precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot” is your complete protection! The evil in this world is great because Satan is out with great fury, knowing he has very little time left. BUT: “the kingdom of our God is here, and the power of His Christ,” and you will overcome by the blood of the Lamb! (Rev. 12:10 – 12)