The Most Important Day of Your Life

As life goes on day by day, we all experience challenging days and some really magnificent days, but there’s one day in particular that is more important than any other day of your life.

The most important day of your life is…

*Your Birthday*


At birth, we all start out the same. We are all on equal playing ground. Yes, I know we’re all born into different external circumstances, but your birth certificate gives you the right to grow up and become a Champion.

Your birth certificate is your Certificate of Life. Unlike a college degree, you automatically earn your Certificate of Life when you exit the womb.

No questions asked . . .

*You are destined for Success* Sounds easy, but that’s where most people fall through the cracks. Even equipped with this wonderful certificate that gives them the right to achieve miracles and become a Champion, many fail to do so.

Why? They simply don’t take the action that makes their success possible. Let me give you an example. It’s like someone that has been given a million dollar trust at birth, but they never write the check to unlock the funds.

Now, does that make sense? No, but neither does having a Certificate of Life that enables you to create miracles and then you simply choose not to use it. You and only you are ultimately responsible for your level of success or failure in life.

Your mind and your heart are like a parachute.There’s only one way that they work they must be open! An open mind and an open heart will allow the dream inside of you that develops throughout your life to become a reality. Your birth certificate (aka your Certificate of Life) gives you the right to achieve your dreams. From the moment of your birth, you are destined for massive success, monumental prosperity and an incredible amount of unbelievable results in your life.

But, you control the chances of when or how or if that will happen.

Once again, every single person has the same starting point in life it’s guaranteed. It’s not a 60-day, 90-day, 120-day or even a 60,000 mile guarantee.

It is a lifetime guarantee!

You are guaranteed at birth that you have the same ability to achieve success as everyone else. Your race, your gender and/or your physical handicaps don’t matter.

It’s simply your decision of whether or not you achieve this success.


*Champions Make Decisions and Decisions Make Champions*