The missing ingredient: Remember who you’re dealing with

Running a business can be fantastically fun and freeing, but let’s face it: we all want to make money, and why not! We all deserve to share in the great wealth that is out there in the world today. So how do we get more money? We formulate strategies, learn new skills, demand high standards, work hard and hopefully watch as the financial rewards roll in. Such an approach may well be seen as admirable and, however there is a missing ingredient if success is what you seek. Not only will this ingredient put you on along the easy path to success, it will also bring you more love, joy and laughter along the way. I hear you shouting tell me, therefore I will.

Here’s the key: “Remember who you’re dealing with”. Pay attention to your relationship with every single person you are involved with not just in business, but in life. Most have us have experienced an angry boss who loses respect for staff when they are not satisfied that they are ‘getting enough’ out of ‘the team’. We’ve also witnessed the salesman who is your best friend one moment, and then immediately forgets you exist when you say you won’t buy. The problem is, this kind of behaviour is nuts if you want to experience success.

When you approach a situation contemplating how you are going to maximise profit, the person you’re interacting with appears not as a human being, rather an object to be used as a means to an end. If a person approached you with this attitude in your personal life would you want to be spend time around, laugh with and help that person? Of course not! It works the same way in business. People are intelligent. We’re are not all masters of communication, Mastermind winners or budding Einsteins but we are all born with an ability to sense when the people we are dealing with do not have our best intentions at heart. Don’t make the mistake of believing your insincerity will pass by unnoticed.

The truth is that if you don’t care about the people you are dealing with, you are simply manifesting your own demise; if not in business then in life in general. This is one of the simplest and most valuable concepts you will ever get, and it’s so simple! Think about what happens when you show someone that extra little bit of care. You’re the boss. Both you and an employee are in a bad mood today, and there is tension in the air. How could you turn this situation around? Go over to your staff member and tell them how much you appreciate what much they do for the company, and how it’s great to have them around. You will not only feel great for saying this, but the tension will vanish instantly and the productivity of your employee will probably at least double, and all because you decided to break the mould for ten seconds. Simple.

If you begin treating people like this, your name will spread like wildfire. Think about it. If someone touches your heart you want to talk about them ‘ free marketing. Everyone they speak to will want to deal with you because they will pick up on the warm vibe. Your name will more and more become the topic of conversation. The magic happens when these words reach people that could be key players in your business. Watch in amazement as the perfect person for that big project calls you up and asks to help.

If this is so amazing, why don’t we all behave like this? Unfortunately we evolve in a society that promotes being right, rather than being kind. We show the tendency to be selfish, rather than giving. This is the route of most, if not all, of your problems both in business and pleasure. Step out of these destructive patterns of behaviour and you hold the key. Try it just once, then twice; small steps and the momentum will build.

But wait a minute, aren’t we being selfish here? We’re simply thinking of yet another way to manipulate circumstances to create the conditions for ourselves to experience more wealth. True, but just wait until you experience the mutual rewards of showing more care to everyone coming into your life. Now that is priceless!