The Many Style Of The Wave Board

The wave board was designed to give you the ability to change the look of your board any day of the week. Do you want a new deck? Then switch them. Do you want different colored wheels? Change them, it only takes a minute. Do you want to swap deck designs with your buddy? With the wave board you have the ability to do all these things. The wave board has interchangeable wheel colors and interchangeable deck designs. The wheel colors I have seen most are black, green, red, and occasionally pink. I have seen kids riding with one black wheel and one red wheel, one green wheel with one red wheel, and swapping deck designs to mix and match with the wheels. Deck designs include the standard silver deck, a red deck, the ever popular checkered design with a skull integrated in, the flashy green deck, a pink flowery deck for the ladies called the Hibiscus Wave Board, and an orange and green deck called the California Wave Board. The great thing is that all these decks come with front and back plates so you can mix and match the decks just like the wheels.

My brother likes to ride with one silver deck, one red deck, one black wheel and one red wheel. His board looks pretty sweet, and if he ever feels like switching over to an all red board it will only take him a few minutes to switch the wheels and decks, and he is only ten years old. After he learned how to change wheels and decks, he can change them whenever he wants in minutes. To change either the wheels or the decks you simply need a screwdriver or alan wrench. Undo the screws then replace and put the screws back in. There is not too much else to the process. It is so easy kids do not need their parents to help them change wheels or decks. You can never get bored with your wave board design. If you do not like your board designs, just change it. You can get really creative and take your replacement deck off of the wave board and paint your own design on the deck. You can personalize it and put your name on it. You could paint on your deck a cool symbol, or you can use a template to make it look cleaner and better. Let the deck dry and put them back on the wave board. One of the coolest decks I have seen was a completely black board. The rider had painted his decks totally black. I have to say it looked sweet. Do not paint the deck on the board because the paint could affect the wave boards smooth ride and do not paint the wheels for the same reason. This creative design from the wave board is just another feature that makes it so popular. Mix, match, wheels, decks, and be creative with your wave board design. Personalize your wave board and show it off.