The Magic Of Getting Started

A writer said, “The shores of fortune are covered with the stranded wrecks of men of brilliant ability but who have lacked courage, faith and decision and have therefore perished in sight of more resolute but less capable adventurers, who succeeded in making port.” Most of the times we start the beginning of the year with dreams, goals or aspirations but one common occurrence to most people is that by the end of the first or second month, they have completely detoured and forgotten about all they have planned to do.

When we have something to achieve, it is our style to look at the obstacles we have to overcome instead of looking at what we need to start with immediately. When we list everything we need for a certain project/vision, we get overwhelmed most of the times and will want to wait till we have everything at our disposal. If this is your approach to visions, I want to tell you that you may NEVER start at all and procrastination will always be something you will indulge in. You will be waiting for a breakthrough that may NEVER come and you will keep postponing what you are supposed to do.

When God told Moses he will deliver the Israelites, the question He asked Moses was, “What is in your hand?” Moses wouldn’t have believed the rod he has been holding for years will be enough to get started the process of liberating the Israelites. The sling in David’s hand was enough to wipe Goliath off the face of the earth. He didn’t need all the armoury in Israel to slay Goliath, he went with what he had and victory was his.

If the above-named have looked at the task before them and compared it with what they have, they wouldn’t have become great and OBSCURITY would have been their lot.

When God has planted a dream in your heart, the first thing for you to do, is to START! I have heard people say it is good to count the cost and I don’t disagree with that but counting the cost in order for you to stay action will do you no good at all. If you will need about a million to start a project, instead of waiting for a lucky break, won’t it be wise for you to break the money down so that your inability to start with the required money won’t hinder you.

One important thing I have learnt about taking action is that you never know where you will get to until you begin to act. The breakthrough you may be expecting may even be tied to your getting started. I have seen a man who started his business with a mere $650 and has grown it to over $250 million businesses in this same country. I believe the man wouldn’t have done anything if he was to look at all the things he would need for the business to get to the level he wants it to be. So if there is anything you want to carry out this year, don’t allow anything deter you from starting. You don’t need all the resources in the world to get started, just determine that you will do something and DO IT ANYWAY.

If a snail and a rabbit start a race, the rabbit will get to the finishing line before the snail, but the snail will also get to the finish line EVENTUALLY. The truth is that no matter how long it took the two of them, they both crossed the finish line. Others may have all they needed, but that shouldn’t deter you from starting your own. We all have different races to run and our paces won’t definitely be the same.

This is to your Success,

Adebola Oni