The magic number 3

How are you today? Are you feeling full of vital energy or just plodding along and feeling it’s all a bit much, as we all do at times? You see in life, energy is the key. We can all have great ideas and dreams but without energy those plans of ours are never going to get started. Or if they do, how long can we last before we slow down or worse burn out? We can’t walk, run or indeed do anything without this vital essence of life. Nothing is going to grow or blossom. So how would you like lots more energy? The kind of energy that you had as a child.

Before we start I’d like to tell you that my belief is that the number 3 is the secret to the universe. You might think that this is quite a bold statement. But after many years of study and research I will stand by my claim. Let me tell you what I have found.

I believe there are two sides to this magical number. The first part of the answer to life is to have these 3 things. Love, happiness and health. If we have love and give love then life is great, if we have happiness and joy, life is truly fantastic, but if we also have good health then we are rich beyond our dreams.

The second part of this magical little number is equally as important. Did you know we are made up of approximately 75 trillion cells that go to make up our place of residence whilst on this planet? Your body, your temple, your vehicle of life.

Each cell needs just 3 simple things. Those things are oxygen, energy, and the ability to eliminate waste. Simple don’t you think? The problem is we don’t seem to get enough.

1. Oxygen

We can go for weeks without food, days without water but only minutes without oxygen. My tip is to learn to breathe properly. Your lungs are like bellows. Think of the shape of bellows, like a triangle. If when you breathe you inflate your chest, like the bellows you are only filling up the top part. You need to learn to breathe filling the whole of the lungs. Breathe properly and fill your body with wonderful life giving oxygen. Breathe deeply and expand your lower diaphragm. Lie down on a bed or sofa. Lie flat and breathe normally. Place your hand on your belly and feel it rise and fall as you breathe. We seem to breathe properly when we are horizontal. Now learn to do this when you are standing up. Vital breath is so important for providing energy to the body, which leads us on to…

2. Energy

Your body needs energy to function. You get energy from what you put into your body. Your body is like an energy bank. You are either adding energy to the bank, like credits or taking energy away.

If you decide to have a large meal, how do you feel within a few hours of having the meal? Do you feel full of energy or do you feel like taking a nap? The biggest energy drain on the body is digesting, and foods like meat can take many hours to digest. That’s why lions sleep for 23 hours after a kill. But we are trying to carry on our day and wonder why we feel so tired. Try and eat more high water content foods. Like leafy green vegetables and fruits. Your body is 70% water, your diet should be 60-70% water foods. These will add energy rather than take it away.

The other vital way to credit the body with energy is through exercise as exercise actually gives you back energy, floods the body with endorphins, oxygenates the blood and makes you feel great. Even when your tired a little exercise can make you feel so much better and wake you up.

And lastly… 3. The ability to eliminate waste

Your body needs to detox, FACT! Take this analogy of a car. The waste fuel comes out as fumes. If you cover the exhaust, then pretty soon the car cuts out. Similarly your body gets rid of waste by going to the toilet, perspiring, breathing and shedding skin. The huge problem is we put so many products into our body, the body can’t get rid of it all before the next day’s intake arrives. Like the car, our bodies are starting to break down. All this build-up turns into toxins that flood into the organs and can cause no end of problems.

So in short, learn to give your body its daily needs. Give it oxygen with proper breathing, energy through good eating, exercise and as much as possible let the body detox. Your life will get better. Surely that’s a great incentive.

Make the rest of your life the best of your lifeĀ®