The Magic Move to Being in Business

Lots of entrepreneurs that I speak to spend a lot of time “being busy.” They’re attending meetings, answering emails and a ton of activity that fills up their schedule. They have great ideas in the middle of it all, but are so overwhelmed they fall into “productivity paralysis” and are just plain perplexed about how to really get to that next level. There’s a magic move to being productive and profitable in business that no one is talking about.

Before we get to the “Magic Move,” we have to first acknowledge that as an Entrepreneur you should always be striving to work on your business rather than just in your business. You open up the energy around this by setting up systems. This approach allows you to be set up for growth and actually implement all those fabulous ideas you have. For example, if you’re an acupuncturist instead of only treating patients all day you can explore ways to treat and reach more people at once-leveraging your time and your income. Strong systems in your business operations will create that space. I have entrepreneurs I coach who either set up or strengthen their systems as a must. For the sake of this article, we accept that as a given. Now, step into the magic move-the one that has you in joy with everything you’re doing, rather than just trying to catch your breath and stay one step ahead (or filing you your time with “stuff” because you secretly feel lost about what to do next).

Often, I’ve found that even when you have the tightest of systems, you can find yourself feeling like something is missing. Your energy is a bit blah and you don’t feel jazzed to create. Even though the systems are crankin’, you feel stuck. Just about every time I hear this from an entrepreneur, I know the magic move is missing; there isn’t anywhere in the systems that allows for time to just be. Incorporating this move makes all the difference in the world and it’s the one that is most resisted (including myself at times). Interesting, right?

Let’s get clear about exactly what I mean by “time to just be.” I’m not talking about time to watch TV or be with family and friends-although this is important and should be part of your systems, too. I’m talking about time to really connect to that part of yourself which is a direct connection to divine, inspired action. These are the ideas, solutions, and “how tos” that cannot be conceived of, created, or tapped into when you are busy “doing” and “going 24-7.” And it’s the powerful, magic move that no one in business is talking about. Frankly, I believe it’s because they’re scared to.

Traditional business doesn’t operate from a place of stillness. The battle cry is, “if you’re not in motion, you’re losing money!” Meanwhile, money is being left on the table everywhere because folks are rushing by and too busy to see it. Even all the latest buzz about the Law of Attraction is filled with insistence to, “use this tool, this exercise, this strategy.” Be sure to understand, these are very helpful, but the point of them is often lost; to bring us to that deep place of knowing that comes from being able to be.

Every time I’ve coached a client around this magic move more money has appeared. I have one client who just created $4,500 in a half day. The inspiration to pursue this means would never have appeared had she just still been going, going, going. It works.

Call To Action:

Start by scheduling some “be” time. Just take it and see what happens.

Write down anything that comes to you.

Let it go and then return to it a week later. Mark what that experience is like (you might be surprised what happened in the week between!).