The “Magic Bullet” To Becoming The Richest 1% Online

If you’ve been around for some time on the internet, you’ve probably been bombarded with income statements where a “guru” makes a ridiculous amount of money in a month, week, day, etc.

Although a lot of these statements are real, it gets through to your imagination that this so called “guru” transformed to a multi millionaire overnight. What you don’t see is the hard work put behind it to get up to that level!

And that’s the “magic bullet” I was referring to at the beginning of this message. The magic bullet is simply hard work and effort.

You can try to get around it and live in this fantasy world where anyone can simply become an overnight success, but that’s not how the “magic bullet” works. You still need to invest time, money, and effort before you see any significant results.

So here’s the trap that a typical business opportunity seeker goes through

1. They get excited about an opportunity and join it.

2. Spend $100 on advertising, got a few sales, and aren’t happy because they aren’t millionaires yet.

3. Goes into depression and complains that “This doesn’t work!”

4. Quit.

5. Moan and complain some more, saying that business opportunities on the internet are a scam.

6. and later in their life They see another business opportunity that is “THE ONE”

7. Repeat step 1.

Are you seeing the problem here? Just because they put up one or two advertisements and got no results, they quit! And chances are, most business opportunity seekers don’t know how to advertise or where to advertise!

These kind of people typically:

1. Like to be independent and are closed off to the advice of other people who know more than they do.

2. They are too impatient to stay with one business opportunity after half assing it the entire way and not putting up the work and effort.

3. Or maybe they aren’t independent or impatient but they just don’t have any successful people that will help them through the process of building a thriving online business.

If that person doesn’t change or at least seek out someone that can help them…then chances are great that they have a 99.9% chance of becoming a failure.

So the REAL question is NOT whether you want to become rich and wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. That’s too easy, we all want to become rich!

The REAL question is whether or not you have the patience to learn and apply the “MAGIC BULLET” of effort and investment to make your business a thriving success.