The Living Arts Centre – A Mississauga Gem

A lot of people know Mississauga for its booming business opportunities and strategic location as far as the economy goes, but what many do not realize is that Mississauga can boast of a wide range of jewels in the city crown. Business is not the only shining opportunity in the city; several athletics programs and the arts, shine just as brightly in one of Canada’s largest metro centres.

One of the brightest gems in the makeup of Mississauga is the Living Arts Centre. A sweeping example of the beauty of modern architecture, with an angular and glass design that is the perfect addition to the downtown cityscape, the Centre is truly the cultural hub of the city. Let’s take a look at what this special building is all about.


The Living Arts Centre was designed to give a central location for those in Mississauga who wished both to view the arts and to participate and hone their careers in various fields. The doors of the Centre opened in October of 1997, and today it includes over 225,000 square feet of multiple purpose venues, which include studios and display areas.


As the name implies, the Living Arts Centre’s purpose is to provide a venue for performing arts to be put on display. To serve this purpose, the Centre includes two main performing arts venues, Hammerson Hall and The RBC Theatre. Both venues host dozens of displays and acts each year, including performances by choral groups (in particular the Mississauga Choral Society), the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra, various live theatre groups and comedy troupes, several community organizations and the annual Children’s Festival.

The Centre also includes seven different arts and craft studios from which several Mississauga based artists produce their work, including a few Resident Artists. The studios also often host various art displays and offer regular recreational classes for all age groups.

Finally, the Living Arts Centre also includes facilities that are ideal for conferences and social functions. In fact, groups ranging from businesses to churches regularly use the Centre for various purposes.

If you are fortunate enough to live in or be visiting Mississauga, it is definitely worth it to check out what’s happening at the Living Arts Centre at the City Centre. From its architecture to its contents, this building is truly a shining gem in Mississauga’s crown.