The Little Selling Strategy That Works Almost Everytime…

Have you ever been on a date? Now you have to admit that’s a sales process right! … then you’ve got to close the deal. Everything is sales at the end of day…somehow, everything you do gets a perception created around it…either good, bad or ugly. The big money makers in this world are all great sales people…and you and I are no different.

Successful businesses are all lead from the top, and the CEO/Owners energy is transferred down through the company and that’s what sells his staff to staying with them. It’s a mix of both selling and marketing, and it’s amazing. I love selling, it’s been my strength and it’s what I like to talk about and share it with other, because once you understand it, many options will open up and the cash will flow!

What this all boils down to is that you and I are in business to make money (we’re not running a charity…although lots of business are) and selling is the only key to achieving this goal.

A lot of people are averse to selling and I’m going to try and take that fear away. There are different forms of selling, but at the end of the day selling is just changing the way somebody feels about something, for example, when you’re conducting a high level business transaction and are picked up at the airport, you’re selling yourself by just turning up, and your whole demeanour and appearance is essential to clinching that deal. Developers are a good example of a sector that has to sell themselves in this very manner. Even taking into account they’re not involved in transactional sales (ie. they’re not taking money over the counter) developers are constantly selling to real estate agents. They are selling themselves by the way they walk, talk, and dress and the way they present themselves. Selling starts right here. It’s all sales.

How many times do you go into a shop and the sales person sells to you in a negative way? Sometimes they are so gruff you end up not buying. That sales person should have sold you on the benefits, which is what you wanted to hear, because those feelings are all part of your buying experience and customers don’t buy products they buy perceptions:

• They’re not buying after-shave, they’re buying sex appeal,

• They’re not buying a bottle of wine, they’re buying a good time,

• They’re not buying shampoo, what is it anyway?

It’s just soapy hair detergent plus water, who’d buy that? No, they’re buying confidence, self-esteem and pride.

They’ve come to you in order to have those feelings of self-esteem, sex appeal, anticipated good times enhanced, and to have counter staff selling mundane products instead of dreams is not what they came in for! At $100 for a small bottle, perfume is the perfect example – it’s not bottled water, it’s a bottle full of charms. Books are another expression of a person’s desires a book is not merely a collection of printed pages, books are the cheapest way to travel to other lands, they make it possible to wind back history and mingle with extraordinary companions.

Compliment the buyer on their choice of purchase, that’s the least you can do. You don’t need to lie to them, just tell them the facts..say “Perfect selection, that’s the one I use myself” – and i’m sure you do sometimes. Or, ‘I like that one best too’, again, that is also true sometimes. Maybe, ‘That one is a big favourite’ or ‘That’s a real original choice’ or ‘You’re lucky because we marked that one down this week’. Give the customer’s ego a reward! That’s why they came to you in person.

Summary: If you get them excited, you’ll make money.