The Light

People need light to overcome darkness. Children and even the adult ones would not dare to go alone in dark places. Needless to prove, fear of the dark is common to people. Of course, if you can’t see anything, it would be very unsafe and not protective for you. Furthermore, the concept that evils and dark creatures live in the dark accelerates the human fear of the darkness. But do evils and other dark creatures live in the dark? The answer depends on the meaning of darkness people have in their minds. They don’t really live in dark places like houses without electricity, streets without street- lights and other places without the energy of light. In other words, these creatures don’t really live on physical darkness. These creatures are spiritual beings, and they are living in a spiritual world. These dark spirits live in spiritual darkness.

You don’t need to be afraid of places without the energy of light or places where you cannot use you sense of sight. The truth is, evil live in spiritual dark places. These places exist without the limitation of physics. They exist during night and day. They exist even in the brightest places of our physical world. These places exist in different forms. Lies, lust, hatred, pride and other dark spiritualities are example of places where dark spirits live. Now that these dark spiritualities are greatly increasing and expanding on Earth, the dark spirits are rejoicing for having a wider world to live and spread their power and evilness. Humans have spirits. These spirits may create lies, lust, pride and other dark spiritualities. This means that evils may and other dark creatures may live in human spirit. They may live on us. We may become dark places where evil lives. This is the big thing or scenario that we must be afraid of, ” when we become dark places where evil lives.”

How terrible it is if evil will live on us. Can we prevent it from happening to us? If it happens to us, can we overcome it? Light overcomes darkness. Sunlight overcomes the darkness of our planet. But even the brightest star in the Universe cannot overcome the darkness of evil. As I said earlier, the darkness of evil is a spiritual thing and nothing physical can overcome it. What we need is the power of spiritual light. As physical light overcome physical darkness, spiritual light also overcomes spiritual darkness. But how can we achieve spiritual light. God is the greatest spiritual light. God lives in heaven, a spiritual world that is full of spiritual lights. Lights which evils and other dark creatures are extremely afraid of. We can let God live on us instead of evils. But how can we do this? Let us clean our spirits. Let us destroy the dark places in our selves. Let us destroy lies, lust and other dark attitudes. Let us replace them with love, truth, humility, and kindness. With these, our spirits will create heavenly places. And when God knocks on our spiritual doors, let us open them and let God in.

We should not be afraid of the dark, may it be physical or spiritual darkness. This fear also becomes a dark place where evil can live. As your fear grows, the power of darkness also grows. But now that we already know how to achieve the light that will overcome all darkness, let us be brave, strong and make these evil and other dark creatures afraid on us.