The Life Changing Power Of Living In The Now

Living In The Now : You’ve heard it a thousand times. You’ve read about it for years. Most everyone has been exposed to the concept of living only in the present, without giving thought to what has happened in the past or being concerned about what may happen in the future.

As good as this advice is, we as humans can sometimes find it difficult to implement this ever so simplistic principle into our day to day lives. Simple, yes. Easy, no.

In fact, to many it may initially appear to be impossible. The key word in that statement is appear. Until you know how, it will appear impossible. But once you grasp this simple concept, once you are able to make the necessary shift in your thought process, and once you are able to understand how, fully accept why, and begin to learn to implement the awesome power that this principle holds, you’ll soon discover that your life will begin to change in a dramatic and seemingly miraculous way. Mastery of this powerful principle is essential in relation to your ability to change the circumstances that you are now experiencing as your reality.

But how do you get to that point? What steps are necessary to develop the ability to not be concerned with what currently appears to be huge insurmountable obstacles? How is it possible to be able to ignore the experiences that have previously created hardship in various areas of life in the past, and learn to effectively shut off the thoughts of concern that these very things might be repeated in the future?

These are questions asked by many. All valid and all seemingly impossible to master, until you begin to develop an understanding of how the human mind and the universe were created to operate harmoniously to bring about the events, conditions and circumstances that you experience in your day to day life. That understanding, combined with the knowledge of basic and simplistic universal laws that determine how and why things happen as they do, will awaken you to new hope and unlimited possibilities.

This understanding will allow you to banish from your mind, the illusions of fear, worry, and guilt, and allow you to begin to replace those counter productive emotions with those that will better serve in bringing about your desired outcomes.

So, how do you do that?…

The process must begin, first of all, with developing an understanding of where these emotions and concerns originate from and why we feel certain ways about the various events, conditions, and circumstances that we experience in our day to day lives. To accomplish this, it is necessary to explore the inner workings of the human mind and develop a basic understanding of it’s operation, before you can effectively initiate a plan and begin to consciously make the changes that are necessary which allow you to begin attracting that which you want, and realizing how you have, to this point, been unconsciously attracting those things that you say you don’t want.

Once this basic understanding is mastered, the next step is discovering and developing an understanding of the ever so powerful, unfailing, and unwavering Universal Laws that determine each and every end result and which brings in to being the ultimate outcome of every thought, decision, action, event, and condition that we witness and experience in our day to day lives.

The third step is allowing the understanding of this new knowledge to permeate your innermost being, allowing it truths to become a part of you, which begins the internal process of allowing it to overwrite the self limiting, counter productive, and many times ill given advice that you have absorbed and established as truth to this point.

The fourth and final step is putting your newly acquired knowledge in to daily action and consistently and consciously applying each of the newly discovered principles acquired. The knowledge gained without proper application will be of no use to you. It is through the application of this powerful wisdom that you will begin to experience a life that you previously considered to be out of reach.

You’ll soon discover that the things that you, at one time, found to be a struggle will begin to fall into place with unbelievable ease. The once negative thoughts and emotions that at one point haunted you, will be replaced with feelings of well being, understanding and profoundly empowering deep inner peace. The financial concerns that once haunted you will melt away and be replaced with a sense of assurance. The relationships that once seemed to be difficult or impossible will become effortless, fulfilling and satisfying. The physical health that at one point was a constant concern will almost magically be renewed and you will emanate vitality, happiness, and energy far superior to anything that you have previously experienced.

Will it take effort on your part to come to realize and experience these results? Yes. Will it require discipline to go within and make the changes necessary to begin to experience the things discussed? Absolutely. Will it be necessary to seek out and find the real truth concerning the life that you were destined to experience and created to enjoy? Most definitely.

Regardless of your viewpoint concerning spiritual matters these truths are set, unwavering, unbiased and totally without prejudice. These eternal laws work exactly the same for everyone whether you are young or old, black or white, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Agnostic, or whatever other numerous labels man has contrived to place on the human population. It is these very laws that are responsible for creating the events, conditions, and circumstances that you experience in your day to day life each and every minute of every day, regardless of who, what, or where you are.

Your awareness of them or ignorance to them is of no concellation. You are creating something every minute of every day. With this being true doesn’t it make sense to discover the process that will allow you to begin consciously creating that which you desire?

Your newfound wisdom will allow you to begin the ever important process of living in the here and now, which is precisely where you want to be.

To Recap…

*Explore and discover the basic operation of your mind.

*Familiarize yourself the simple and powerful laws of the universe.

*Allow this knowledge to permeate your inner most being.

*Apply daily, the knowledge acquired.

Make the conscious effort to fulfill these steps and Your life will change in a dramatic and powerful way.

© Chuck Danes. All rights reserved worldwide