The Life And Death Of Corky Barrington

Thirty Five year old Corky Barrington is a presence in his community. He is known and loved by most people who come in contact with him. Easy going and full of energy, he fills the room when he walks in the door and strangely enough his energy remains when he leaves.

People love him because he always has lots of good things to say and can turn any bad situation around.

Corky is five foot six inches and weighs about 165 lbs. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a clear complexion. He is single and has never been married. He loves children and they bring out the kid in him when in his presence. He works as a metaphysical researcher at a well known university in the US and is the newest member of a research team exploring the nature of the mind and creation.

Corky lives only a mile away from the university and prefers to walk to work as this gives him time to interact with others. People at the university spend a lot of time talking about him and are constantly seeking his opinion on different matters. Today is Corky’s 26th birthday and the research team has planned a special party for him. One of the researchers is an artist and draws portraits. She has made one of Corky and it will be presented to him at his birthday party at the end of the day. The room is filled with anticipation and excitement about the party. Corky has not been told of the party and suspects nothing.

Over the last six months Corky has brought a lot of joy to his fellow workers. His presence has lightened the lives of many and his life is a model for those who know him. But today will not only be the celebration of his existence but also his death. After his party is over and he has left for the day, Corky will no longer exist. Tomorrow people will talk about what a great guy he was, how his laughter brought joy to everyone in the room and how he inspired those who worked with him. There will be a funeral for him and all will gather to eulogize him and his contributions.

Corky Barrington’s presence was felt by everyone. There were no dry eyes at his funeral and he is sadly missed by those who knew him. He was a model for those who would like to be more like him.

Corky Barrington was created in a lab by project researchers as an experiment into human imagination. He was not a physical person, but the embodiment of the research team’s imagination. They all gave him qualities that they liked. The researchers where encouraged to talk about him as though he was alive. They were to talk about him in the group every day and tell stories about him to the others.

After several months of interacting with the image of Corky and talking about him, Corky became real in the minds of the researchers and it became easier to talk about him as a physical person. People became emotionally attached to him and strong personal feelings were expressed for him.

This is not fiction; the experiment went on for several months. Corky was real in the minds of those who participated in the experiment. Although Corky is the name I gave him, his character was actually created and embellished with human characteristics in a lab. Instructions were given to the participants to acknowledge his life and recreate it in their own imagination. Corky did live and die and exists in the memories of those researchers. The purpose of the experiment was to see if a body of people could create and entity that was real in the their experience.

It is an interesting experiment into the human condition because it is exactly the same way that we give life to each other. Life is expressed in relationship to each other and our environment. Unless life is acknowledged – it doesn’t exist. Unless you are given a name and a purpose you would not know yourself as this or that. It is your parents, your siblings, friends and others that give you life. In relationship to nothing or no one; you are nothing or no one.

When you are old enough to reason and think for yourself, you begin to recreate your own life in your very unique style. Your life is created by you or someone else. You are the figment of your imagination and someone else’s. After a period of time you begin to believe the labels they give you, you start applying your own labels and believe that what you see in the mirror is real. Eventually a new “Corky” is created and recognized as this or that and everyone assumes that he is real.

The body is not the real Corky; it is an image of all the thoughts about Corky – the embodiment of someone’s imagin-ation. It is a physical manifestation of thought. That is the beauty of the physical world; it is all being thought up. Moment by moment it is being created and recreated. Your thoughts about your world and its circumstances are changing in every moment. With every new thought you have about it, it becomes your new reality. Your thoughts about others change all the time and so does your truth about them and you begin to experience them within that thought. If you once thought of a person as good; you will experience him as a good person. If you thoughts about him changes him being a bad person, that is how you will experience him. This person will no longer exist as a good person no matter what others may say about him. You must know that this is your world and you are creating it – you are the creator of your life.

How you think about yourself, is how you will experience yourself. After all, you have created all the circumstances in your life through your choices. And you can change the circumstances of your life simply by changing your thoughts. You may have to lie to yourself and others for awhile, but eventually you will begin to experience the new image you have about yourself.

Your parents, churches, governments, dictators and other leaders have demonstrated this ability since time began. They create an image for you and you begin to believe it; it becomes your reality. Always, this is a choice. No one can tell you you are something or someone you are not unless you choose to believe it.

The message is clear and the power to change is yours. You are not a victim of circumstances; you are creating them. Power is not power unless it is exercised. Change will not happen until you decide to change. Your life will remain the same until you make a decision to change it and begin to imagine your new life. Corky was real in the minds of those who created him. You can become real as well. The only thing that will get in your way is the thought you are having right now about why it doesn’t work or can’t work for you. Be careful what you think about. Your thoughts will always be your reality.