The Liberation of Bottle Feeding

Caring for a newborn child is a full time job. A human baby is more helpless than just about all other mammals and the degree of care needed by both parents is extremely high, especially the child’s mother. A new mother can feel enslaved by her child. She may love her child but she always wants – and needs – some degree of independence. Bootle feeding can help.

After years of planning and nine months of waiting, the much wanted and loved baby arrives. The sense of joy that parents can feel at the birth of the child can only be truly appreciated by other parents. Many parents, especially the mother, look forward to the responsibility of caring for a baby. The degree of dependence of a baby on its mother is unmatched. The mother quite often enjoys being totally depended on and doesn’t resent the mundane tasks of feeding, changing diapers, bathing and entertaining her child. The long-term rewards are evident to any parent with grown up kids.

However, there does come a point when a mother will feel totally enslaved by her baby. This enslavement is a natural feeling and can is usually accepted. Accepted that is except for breastfeeding.

Unlike all the other tasks that a new mother has to undertake in caring for her child, breastfeeding also requires a physical bond between mother and child. And some mothers can begin to resent this type of enslavement. In fact, some mothers can find themselves feeling slightly antagonistic when their baby demands mommy’s breasts. This feeling can be further exacerbated if the mother is suffering from sore or cracked nipples. Telling a mother that ‘she is not getting the baby to latch on properly’ can leave her feeling a failure and lonely. Getting a sense of independence can often help mothers who feel like this. Bottle feeding a child, rather than breastfeeding, can help some mothers to get some degree of independence and take away the strain felt at feeding times.

When a mother bottle-feeds, the physical bond still remains. The mother can still cuddle and talk to her child as she feeds. But the sense of physical enslavement disappears – along with any discomfort the mother may have experienced. The child still gets the attention it wants and, despite what some may tell you, the nutrition is needs. When a mother is liberated from her physical enslavement she relaxes and enjoys feeding her child. Her child will also relax more if mommy is also relaxed.

Not all mothers want to be liberated. Some are quite content to breastfeed their chid and feel no sense of physical enslavement. But, if you’re a mother who feels enslaved and yearns to be liberated, then maybe you could try bottle-feeding. There may be those around you who will try to convince you to stay breastfeeding. If they give you the support you need, maybe you will stay breastfeeding. But if you still feel enslaved maybe it’s time to find liberation through the bottle.