The Lazy Man’s Way To Weight Loss

For the past year, I have kept a promise I made to myself and my family. We have thrown out all the junk food, no more potato chips, cookies, and candy bars. Instead, we are enjoying health food snacks and, I must say, I really think replacing your afternoon and late night junk food cravings with health food snacks is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking that health food snacks could not possibly taste as good as candy bars and chips. The ones we buy actually taste just as good, maybe even better, than the snack cakes and cookies we munched on before.

There is actually a lot more variety when you decide to eat health food snacks, too. Fruits, nuts, smoothies, health drinks, raw veggies and dip, even mini pizzas with low fat cheese on whole grain English muffins – the possibilities are endless when it comes to eating health food snacks!

If you’re thinking that switching to health food snacks sounds like too much trouble, it can be hard to prepare healthy snacks when you’re on a hectic schedule. We keep plenty of fresh fruits and veggies on hand to make our own healthy snacks when we’re at home, but, like most families these days, we’re on the go a lot.

I have found that there are great tasting whole food nutritional products available that are great for replenishing your energy and are convenient wherever you go. The best thing about these products is that I can order them online and they come straight to my door! Talk about convenience!

The real reason I love eating health snack foods is more than the taste, the variety, and the convenience of ordering my favorite snacks right from home is the tremendous effects this simple change in my eating habits has had on my life!

I am back down to a healthier weight. I look terrific again and I feel even better! Eating health food snacks has been an easy way to lose those extra pounds and I feel energized again instead of tired and run down all day long. It is amazing the things I can get done in a day without all that unnecessary sugar!

Not only do I feel better about myself, the people around me are noticing too. My wife can’t believe that I’m back to the same weight as when we got married. And Me, well I’ll be honest when I say that I can’t remember ever being trim. Ever since grade school I have been over weight. Friends are amazed that all I did was start eating good healthy food and get rid of my junk food habits.

Several of my friends have been struggling with that same tiredness that used to plague me every afternoon. A few of them have been trying unsuccessfully to shed a few extra pounds as well. I have convinced a couple of them to switch to health food snacks and after the first month, they were already seeing results!

Replacing your favorite junk food with health food snacks is really much easier than it sounds and, as you can see, it is well worth it. Why not try the lazy mans way to weight loss for yourself? The only thing you have to lose is weight.