The Law of Reciprocity: Give and You Shall Receive

The Law of Reciprocity is known by many names, forming the basis of humanity. People often say Give and You Shall Receive, yet most people never cite the law of reciprocity explicitly.

As a child, most people would remember hearing simple phrases like: “give and you shall receive,” “treat people the way you want to be treated.”

“Don’t bully other children, or karma will catch up with you” and “if you want more friends at school, you need to be friendly to people” are also common phrases adults instill into children.

These simple ideas all employ the Law of Reciprocity. Another way of looking at this is, when you do something nice to someone, they’ll remember this and return the favor. Give and you shall receive indeed.

People often ask friends or colleagues for a favor, or help with a task they don’t understand. So next time your friend asks for a favor, even if you’re busy, or don’t feel like helping, don’t dismiss their request.

Instead, be happy and honored that you’re the one asked to help. When you’ve provided the help requested your friend will thank you for it. As your friend says “thank you,” smile, responding in a gracious tone with “you’re welcome, I’m sure you’d do the same for me?”

With this simple response, you’ve shown your friend that you were happy to help. However you’re also triggering your friend’s subconscious mind with that subtle suffix, almost like an afterthought.

This helps to ingrain the favor into your friend’s favor bank. It’s important to give first, and you shall receive later. Your friend will then feel indebted to you and will happily return the favor when asked.

Days, weeks or even months later, when you ask your friend for a favor, they’ll remember what you’ve done for them. Your friend will now gladly help you, without needing much persuasion.

The key to the Law of Reciprocity is to be the first to give, and to give generously and unconditionally. Never give something, with the intention of getting something in return.

The more good deeds you do for others, the more success, fulfillment and joy you will experience. You’ll feel the benefits of your good deeds at times when you need them most.

The Law of Reciprocity may seem too simple. You’re probably thinking “I knew that already,” but do you actively apply it each and every day? I challenge you; to each day help as many people as you can.

It might be as simple as someone asking you for the time. Stop for a moment and help them. It’ll only take seconds, but will mean so much more to the other person.

As you start feeling happier and more fulfilled, you’ll begin experiencing more success in all areas of life. Remember, give and you shall receive is the key to the Law of Reciprocity.