The Law of Expectation

From my experience, I have noticed that many of us are just too wimpy with our expectations of what we want from the universe. For most of us, we just take what is handed out.

Knowing you have what you want is the fastest way to experience what you desire. An expectation is confirmation of what you want. In other words, if you want a brand new, red, A280z Fast Mobile, why would you expect anything less? You expect to get the car that you want – and if you expected something less, why not ask for something less?

I believe for many of us expectation is arrogant, demanding, and impolite, especially to us Canadians who apologize to chairs for bumping into them. Because of the influence of religious belief into the uncivilized world, making demands of a vengeful, jealous, and demanding God would surely put us in poor favour with him. So we have been taught not to ask, and to be satisfied with what we’ve got. Or, be prepared to settle for less – but for Heaven’s sake don’t make God angry.

As a culture that projects human qualities onto its god, it is no wonder we are intimidated by him. But this is an old god for an old society. More advanced or evolved thinkers are moving past the anthropomorphic godlike character to an understanding of what the concept of a higher power really is.

Today’s thinkers have higher expectations and are more sophisticated in the use of the “law of attraction.” They are beginning to understand just how creation works and how individuals are connected to the universe and its awesome power. Emotion has been removed from the equation and has set the spirit free to connect to the power that creates on a conscious level.

It may take centuries for humanity to get over the damage religion has done – because it has disempowered its believers. It has instilled fear into them so that they cannot move away from its teaching and doctrines. Man is but a shadow of its intrinsic power.

When humanity is finally able to re-connect consciously to the universe (God, for believers) he will have in his hands the power it represents. Knowing and expecting are interchangeable words and they are absolute. If you know that you will have a thing – you can expect to experience it. You are the master of your creation and with absolute knowing and expectation you will always experience exactly what you want.

The power to achieve this knowing and expectation comes from a mature enlightened mind. For Christians this was represented by their Jesus who said, “You can do these things and more.” However, religion taught believers to be submissive, humble, undemanding, and less then the model they worshipped – thus disempowering them to be as the model. Totally disconnected from the image of the one who is all powerful, 85% of the world’s population is ignorant of their own power. They began to worship the icon instead of understanding his teaching.

The ability to use these laws comes from the power to overcome what you have been taught all your life with uncompromising clarity in the knowledge that you are the power you are looking for.

I have clearly demonstrated in my own life the power of healing, of life over death, the avoidance of accidents, and the acquisition of abundance. The most difficult part of the process which drains your power is in the effort to dismiss the negative thoughts, and by trying too hard. Creating comes easily when you have overcome all the thoughts about why you cannot do or have a thing, and that happens when you have learned how to connect to the subconscious mind. Both minds must be in harmony to be effective in the “Art of Creating” the “Law of Attraction” and the “Law of Expectation.”

Fear numbs expectation and drives knowing from your experience. It turns intelligent and wise people into believers instead of knowers and doers. Knowers do not look behind them for knowledge – they always look ahead. The new generation will always have access to greater power because they are new thinkers. You cannot move forward with old ideas.

The new idea is that you can expect what you want when you know you have it.

So I would like to introduce the “Law of Expectation”. Expect to experienced what you know you can have – expect nothing less. Expect that you will always experience what you desire. Be bold and stand up to the universe as one that is part of it and demand nothing less that what you want. The universe is impartial and emotionless – by the law of attraction and expectation, it has no choice but to give you what you want. No one or no things is going to get mad at you because you want something or demand it – no matter what it is.