“The Law of Attraction” is “The Law of Attract+ion”

Do you know the magic in the word “The Law of Attraction”? Why and How the word can change so many peoples life to what they desired? Read along this article and find out the secret…

I’m not a scientist or a chemist who deeply understands about particles. But in sketchy, everything you see around you, including your body as human being are made of collection of molecules. If the molecules break down, they are made up of atoms that are stuck together forming variety of particular shapes. Human body consists of so many atoms. These atoms regularly acquire electric charge by gaining or losing one or more electrons, which called ion. There are two ways how the ions in our body charged it self, positively(+) and negatively(-) charged. So, what is the relation between this ion story with the secret to the Law of Attraction?

The relation is the answer to the secret number one…#1

“The Law of Attraction” is “The Law of Attract-ION”
It’s about how you can Attract(+)Ion or Attract(-)Ion. Yes, it’s about how you can attract as many positive ions or negative ions as possible from the universe into your body and soul. It is your mind who takes control of that role. That’s why you must continuously fill your mind with positive thoughts if you want to achieve positive results. Never think of something negative because it will attract the negative ions from the universe. For example if you think you don’t have money than it will make you in that condition as long as you dwell upon this thought because your mind will attempt to capture the ions which related to whatever your mind think. Rather than thinking you have no money, you should think and visualize yourself as a rich and prosperous person. It will make your mind to attract the related ion with wealthy. But, remember that you must think that thought consistently and focus to it, add up with emotions and feel the sensation of receiving those ions into your body and soul.

The process of Attract-ION is performed by your subconscious mind. By thinking positively, your subconscious mind will attract positive things to happen into your life. When you load your mind with your dreams, goals, and the life you want to live, your subconscious mind will attract these ions from the universe according to what is inside your mind. And those ions will positively charge your body. But The Law of Attraction will not work if you stop here! You must take proper action immediately.

You’ll learn it here as it is the secret number two…#2

“The Law of Attraction” is “The Law of attr-ACTION”.
Yes, it’s about taking Action. After you received the impulse as the effect from your mind attracting those positive ions from the universe, you must immediately take action. Follow your intuition, take action and see the results. Sometimes those intuitive signals will have no apparent connection to achieving your goal, but if you follow them, they will lead you down a path of magnificent achievement.

I want you to remember that The Law of Attraction is not just a one day process, it’s a continuous process. You must repeat the process of Attract-ION and attr-ACTION persistently in order to achieve your goal and your dreams.

Now you know the secret already, I suggest You start Attract(+)Ion now by thinking positive things, and experience the Ideal and Favorable Life You Desire!

Copyright (c) 2007 Dwi Sanjaya