The Law of Attraction and Finding Your Soul Mate (How to Create Your Perfect Relationship)

You know your soul mate is out there somewhere, the problem is that you are having a hard time finding them! But did you know that the law of attraction can help you connect with that person? That one person who shares an intimate, inner connection with you, who not only loves you, but whose love entwines with yours in an unending and boundless manner?

It is true, although the law of attraction might not be the first thing you think about when you are trying to find your perfect partner, those attraction principles play a key factor in not only finding your soul mate, but in letting them find you too!

Just as with every other aspect of your life, the solution to this problem of connecting with that one special person begins by knowing exactly what you want in that partner. This is the first step. You should have a clear idea of what your perfect partner is like. You should know what qualities they possess and what values they hold, but at the same time, you must be willing to accept the unknown, you must be willing to learn and grow together, to share the experience of life.

You also have to be flexible. You should be willing to be flexible in both mind and body. Letting yourself set limits on your efforts, or having expectations that are too rigid, are two quick ways to create obstacles for yourself.

What does this mean? It means you have to be willing to do new things, to meet new people. Don’t be one of those people who give up on ever finding their soul mate simply because you didn’t find him or her within your small circle of friends! Don’t do something new with the intention of meeting Mr. Right or Ms. Right, but do it for the opportunity for that meeting to exist.

Remember, your ideal partner is looking for you too! Don’t hide in your apartment and hope, get out and create opportunities!

It also means that you have to be willing to accept more than you asked for in a relationship. If you are focused too intently on your perfect mate having ONLY certain qualities and nothing else, you might find yourself waiting for a long time.

Clearly the most powerful thing that you can do to tap into the principles of the law of attraction when it comes to finding your soul mate is to become the ideal mate yourself. Be the kind of person that you wish to attract. If you perfect partner is full of compassion, then you should be full of compassion too. Be the best you can be and you will soon attract the person that is the best for you!

The truth is that love still remains one of the greatest mysteries. Only you can truly know what you desire in your relationships, and only you can decide to follow your heart and act on your desires. But if you follow these guidelines you will soon find yourself sharing space and time with that one special person.