The law of attraction and being in the now.

Copyright 2006 llbglobal

You know recently I have been asking myself what the true meaning is behind perceptions such as the law of attraction or being in the now. I read a lot of material and I consider myself to be a research hog. The thing that I realized is that everything I have learned can easily be brought down to one simple truth. What does the law of attraction really tell us about ourselves? What is the underlying meaning of all this motivational hype? The answer has been in front of me this entire time without my awareness of it.

Although this is only my perspective I feel that the most important message to learn from all of this motivational stuff is to be a good person. Expect more for yourself and know in your heart your true worth. Nobody sets a value on your life but you. Nobody creates your reality but you. So if you create it then you should start making a conscious effort to change it if you are unhappy.

We can make the choice to be a better person. When we decide to do better for ourselves we inadvertently do better for humanity. We are more caring and loving towards the people in our lives. We can use negativity and pessimism as fuel for good, instead of letting it control who we are.

If we stop looking for excuses as to why we are not successful in life then we open the door to a world of endless possibilities. You can make it a difficult decision to be a better person. I know there are many times in my life when I have done just that but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself if you are satisfied with the outcome of your life. If you are unhappy you don’t need to make your life more difficult. You can decide right now to change for the better. Nobody is holding you back except you. We all have to face our daily challenges and we all have the choice to see life from a different perspective.

Take whatever works for you and make yourself a better person. You deserve to be in the light not hiding in the darkness. Take each adversity you have faced and turn it into the power you need to be successful in life. It’s really that simple! Tomorrow when you return to work, do so with a smile. Be kind to your boss and be appreciative of the job you hate. Try to see only positive aspects of the people around you. Do something nice for a stranger. When you start to believe you can live a better life you will become the influence that a child needs. You will be seen as a lucky person. People will look at you with admiration for what you have accomplished in life.

The power of being in the now and choosing to live each moment to its fullest is really your underlying purpose in life. We are only on this Earth for a short amount of time so stop waiting for something to happen and make it happen. Start appreciating each moment of your life and the rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams.