The latest in dart supplies

There are lots of super gizmos in the world of dart supplies these days from the coolest looking dart cases, to flight protectors and the latest spinning shafts and if you are looking to add a touch of class to your darts how about titanium shafts? Obviously you are going to need some spare parts like flights and shafts, and if you are a soft tip darter some replacement tips. But there are a lot more goodies to choose from, as we’ll get into now.

One of the cool things to have if you are a steel tip darter is the battery operated tip sharpener.which shapes the dart tip to the correct angle in moments. Sure beats the traditional method of rubbing the tip on grinding paper.

The add a gram is an interesting idea. It consists of 6 brass screw in units that are screwed into the shaft hole of the dart barrel so increasing the weight of the dart by a gram, hence the name. (You can then screw the shaft into the add a gram) You can then see if the extra weight will improve your game. The add a grams are often part of a dart tuning kit that not only includes the add a grams but extra flights of varying shapes and shafts. You can then try out various combinations of weight, flights and shafts to improve your accuracy. Worth a try I suppose.

If you are a soft tip darter you are going to need replacement tips for when those tips get bent or broken. Halex have come out with notched soft tips to help stop the darts falling out of the board, never tried them myself, but they might be worth a go or just settle for the standard straight soft tip replacements.

One item every darter must have is the dart tool. It is very useful for both codes of darts players, either soft tip or steel tip players. It not only helps you replace soft tips, but you can use it to straighten metal shafts and prize apart the metal tangs that hold your flight to make the flights fit better.

Whilst on the topic of flights you must have a set of flight protectors, not only do they protect your flight during play, but they help keep the correct shape on your flight as well. These are a must have item for all darters.

Another way to protect your flights is to use the “spinner” shafts. The spinning shafts can spin so if they are hit by an incoming dart, they can spin the flight out of the way, so they protect the flight and do not hinder the dart just thrown.

Soft tip darts can have screw in steel tips to change them into steel tipped darts so you can use them on bristle boards. You can even have a screw in hammerhead type steel tip if the screw thread on you barrel is deep enough. These retractable steel tips can retract slightly into the barrel so that if your tip hits a wire on the board the tip can retract slightly absorbing the impact whilst allowing the forward momentum of the dart to force the dart into the board. They greatly reduce the number of bounce outs you get with a standard tip.

We have covered only a small selection of the dart supplies available, there are lots more,. so when you are looking for a present for the darts player in your life you have lots of choice.