The Key to Selling a property online

Selling property online is not a new method its just one that over time has become more and more popular. The popularity of selling a home privately may be a reaction to housing slumps and the costs involved in selling a property. Home owners faced with trying to find a buyer need to save every penny and selling real estate without an agent can save thousands. One thing is certain once you have had the pleasure of selling a property by yourself its hard to go back to more traditional methods.

So what is the key to selling your home online. There is no one single answer it is a mixture of realistic pricing, presentation , good images and choosing the right property websites for maximum exposure.

Preparing your house before you photograph it is an important aspect of presenting your home when selling it online. You will be inviting thousands of people into your home via your photographs .

A well-kept garden, pathway and fence, plus a freshly painted front door are immediately appealing, whereas a scruffy outdoor space with a litter bin outside the front door may turn many prospective buyers away.

De-clutter – don’t underestimate the appeal of a tidy property. Throw out the junk – use moving as a good excuse to get rid of old, unwanted and unused items.

Clean – dust and clean the whole house thoroughly, from cobwebs on the ceiling to crumbs and stains on carpets and rugs. Remember to wash down paintwork and clean windows.

Natural Colours – research shows that, most buyers prefer natural, earthy colours to bright, bold shades. Although there is a wide range of paint colours available, magnolia is still the top-selling colour.

Add a bit of colour – to prevent rooms looking too bland, use strong colours for accent walls or cushions and accessories.

De-personalise – remove personal items, such as family photographs and children’s drawings, which may distract potential buyers.It may sound harsh but it really helps sell property

Maintenance – Complete all minor repairs. Major Jobs- If you don’t spend out on home improvements to complete major repairs it could have a disproportionate affect on the value of the property.

Lighting – the right lighting can improve the mood of a room. A room looks cozier with a few table lamps rather than bright general lighting.

Take pets out – ask friends or family to look after pets during viewings. Fresh flowers and fruit – flowers and a bowl of fruit will brighten up a room and provide a pleasant smell.

Define your rooms – a property will be more appealing if rooms have a specific purpose and this allows buyers to see the full potential of the property.

Last of all when writing your property description makes sure it includes details for those who may want to buy it as an investment . So gather rental values this will increase the scope of people who may wish to buy your property.