The Key to Moving Through Your Fear of Standing Out

Fear of standing out is really big for a lot of women. This fear can hold you back from soul satisfying success in your business, and from becoming the leader that you naturally are.

The fear of standing out has other fears at its roots. Women have an innate need and desire for connection that sometimes leads to a fear of being rejected if they take up too much space, or stand in the spotlight, especially if they are authentic and express their unique ideas, opinions and thoughts.

Other fears are of appearing foolish, being humiliated, or criticized. You may even fear that you’ll freeze up, and then feel really humiliated.

Do you relate to any of these?

These fears pose a big problem for a woman entrepreneur if they stifle your voice, or lead you to water down your message so that it sounds more like everybody else’s.

You need to be seen as you authentically are and heard in your unique voice for two reasons. Trying to sound or be like others diminishes your sense of self worth, and that will show up in your business. You also need to stand out naturally so that your Divine Right Clients can find you.

Being different or standing out is not the real problem. The real problem is trying to be the same as others when you can never really be like anyone else but you. The Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde brilliantly said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

When you hold yourself back or hide out, you never get to experience the privilege it is to be you. And if you hold yourself back or try to be like everyone else, you never get to make the difference that you so desire to make.

Experience the Spiritual Gift Awaiting You When You Stand Out Naturally

No one else can be who you are or do what you do the way you do it!

When you are being uniquely and authentically who you are, you will stand out, and stand out naturally. You will be a magnet for the right clients and others, those who will appreciate and value you for who you really are. Those people who have been waiting for you, and who need to see and hear your message.

Standing out naturally actually feels good because being who you are and making a difference feels really good. And when you are being who you are and making a difference, you will experience the exquisite privilege and spiritual gift that it is to be you.

The Key to Move Through Your Fear of Standing Out

You can move through your fear of standing out and feel really good about standing out instead.

The key is to stand out naturally by being authentic and by tuning in to your Divine Right Clients. Get an inner sense of who they are and what they are yearning for. Speak intimately to them and their yearning.

You’re not here to serve everyone. You can’t and you aren’t meant to. But you are here to serve and lead your tribe of Divine Right Clients.

They are waiting for you!

Step Into Your Greatness NOW!