The Key Skills of a Top Manager

Management training programs and management training courses are meant to hone the managerial skills of a person. Sometimes, it is through these management training programs that an individual discovers he or she has a particular skill. So, what are the key skills of a top manager?

• Management training programs and management training courses will point out that good communication skills are of paramount importance to a manager. A manager has to be a great communicator if he wants to become a great manager. Communication skill is not just about speaking but listening as well. Good communication should avoid ambiguity. If there is a chance that a message might be misunderstood then it should be clarified. Communication is a two way street. And this is something that all management gurus agree on. Check on any management training manual or book any you will see that this point is being made. So, just like others listen to what you say, you have to listen to what others say.

• A top manager has a vision. He makes sure that the others share this vision with him/her. Communicating a vision doesn’t mean you have large message boards with your vision written on them placed at strategic locations. It might be effective to catch attention but to retain that attention you are going to have to do something else. You have to make sure that your team understands your vision and shares your vision with you. Visionary managers make the employees feel that they have stake in the organization’s success. They also inspire others to have their own visions and to reach out for these visions.

• No management training can impart you the skill of integrity. A top manager has to remember action and not word set a precedent. Mouthing moralities and practicing unethical business practices does not mean you have integrity. You have to practice what you preach.

• A top manager has to have enthusiasm for his job and the job that he is doing. A negative leader will only bring the team down. So, when you are choosing a field, choose carefully. Unless you enjoy what you do it is hard to be productive. Enthusiasm is infectious. If you have that attitude, it is sure to pass on to the other members of your team.

• Management training programs will tell you that delegating responsibility is an important skill that a manager should possess. This also means that sometimes you will have to train your subordinates or team members to do a job better that you. But, fear of being overshadowed by their own protégée stops managers from doing this. If you are a good manager there is nothing to fear. As, Bill Gates says there are enough jobs in the world for good managers. The world is short of good managers.

• As much as delegating responsibility is necessary; it wont do any good if you just dole out jobs without doing anything yourself. You also have to take up responsibility. Action speaks louder than words. If the team feels that you are not doing anything yourself and are only speaking of doing something then, you are going to lose the respect of your team. It will be even better if you take on less attractive tasks. This will show the other members of your team that, doing such tasks are also important.

• Always think carefully making a decision. At the same time, don’t take too long to arrive at a decision. Once you have arrived at a decision don’t change it. People do not respect indecisive managers. If you have to change your decision, it questions your motivation for arriving at the earlier the decision. The implementation of the changed decision might also become difficult. You can of course reconsider your decisions with changed circumstances but if you make a habit of it you are not going to be a successful manager.

• Management trainings also emphasize that top leader routinely reward their staff. The reward maybe in the form of a good word, a promotion, a pay rise or a bonus. It should be something that shows to your members and subordinates that their work is also important to the working of the organization.

There are many other skills a manager can possess but these are the tops skills of a manager according to the carious management training programs and management training courses.