The Journey to Health

As you way have caught on by now, fitness is a journey. Over the centuries, pilgrims have trekked to distant places to answer some unknown, inner call. They have, toiled over stony paths, climbed mountains to reach their destination. So is fitness the answer – to your inner self. When any illness besets your body, it feels hemmed in as if the borders are narrowing, the boundaries are closing in. It’s a time when growth not only may seem unattainable but also non-existent. It’s a time when communication gets swamped by discomfort, pain, numbness. It is not a natural state of life. Medicines are useful because they turn you around from drifting purposelessly, from becoming too vulnerable. But after medication. doctors point you towards fitness. For it puts order back into the disordered state, it provides the healing touch to the diseased state, it identifies the goal lost in the mists of sickness, And that goal is health.

It is not always easy to stick to the fitness lifestyle because it is a whole new experience. There are too many barriers built up, too many habits entrenched. But if you think back, as an infant you questioned nothing. You tried your best to turn over since lying on your back all the time didn’t seem normal. You began to crawl, then walk, then run. You changed your world by plunging into new experiences not because you didn’t have a mind, but because it was a clear freeway with no barriers or habits to stop you.

To break those present mental barriers is not easy. The effort seems too much, You convince yourself that you are feeling deprived.

You rebel because you see this fatless-food existence as a threat. Memory crowds your mind. And in one defiant binge, you stuff yourself with more fatty food than you may have done earlier. The result, of course, is not pleasant, it is not that you enjoyed doing it. After the first bit of chocolate on to eat the entire slab – leaving you feeling a little sick with too much rich sweetness. Sick at your loss of control. And that awful guilt paralyzes you cannot do anything effectively.

This is not the time to give up. Can one binge stop the entire rejuvenating process of growth? A thousand times ‘No!’ Put it behind you.

Dwelling on it doesn’t help. If you over-full and lethargic, there is a physiological reason for it. Most of your energy is being used up to digest that rich food. It will pass. Keep yourself busy and an hour or two later, exercise. Throw away excess fatty food to resist further temptation. You don t have to hate yourself for giving in to your memory. It is too minuscule an experience in the larger picture of life that you are striving for.