The Journey, Realising a Dream

Deep inside us, as humans, we are driven by instinct to compete with the clock, to achieve as much as we can, in our lifelong Journey, before the sands of time run out.

We endeavour to understand our purpose in life, the reason why we exist and discover what it is that is expected of us.

As we travel on this Journey, it is not about how far we have come, but how long we have left, to complete what we have defined as our purpose in life.

We are all navigating our way on the Journey, searching for knowledge, exploring experiences and trying to understand the signs along the way, to determine if we are going in the right direction and all the time wanting to progress, moving our purpose in life forward and upward.

It is possible in some people’s life for them to proceed over a great distance, in a very short passage of time, while others transverse a short distance over a considerable amount of time.

Not having a clear vision of what it is that you are trying to achieve in life, will leave you with an intangible set of objectives, which can only result in failure.

Before setting out on life’s Journey, it would be appropriate to establish what sort of voyage you intend to embark upon and at least in basic terms, what you hope to achieve.

Without any firm plans, we have to take whatever life hands out to us, but this inevitably will mean that the Journey will become an odyssey, wandering from place to place, without any sense of direction and destined to result in a compromised or empty life.

This will mean that instead of participating and determining your destiny, you are merely a spectator watching others fulfil their lives, while you reflect on a life of missed opportunities and what might have been.

The people that experience fulfilment in their lives have had to endure many of the same adverse situations, but because they have a love of life, have had inspirational ideas and had faith in the outcome of their endeavours, they have overcome these adversities.

These people welcome the challenges that they face in their lives and know that the unexpected changes and setbacks that they encounter are all part of the Journey.

Realising a dream is having an objective or goal, something you want to achieve in your life, no matter what. Something that will keep you focused and give you purpose.

But to realise that dream will mean that you will face a lot of adversity and setbacks in your life until your dream is achieved.

Your dream can take many forms; it may be related to your personal enhancement, or having your own business, or building a house, or making a journey, or even moving to another country.

Whatever the dream, the only way it is going to be realised is if you are persistent, resilient and tenacious, making up your mind that even though it may take a long time, maybe years and that many obstacles may distract you from your purpose, you will realise the dream before you come to the end of your life.

Sometimes the only way you can succeed in realising a dream is for someone else to share that dream with you, this may be, a close friend, a loved one or a business partner.

But, you must both be of the same mindset, focused on the same purpose, because if the going gets tough and one is not strong enough to overcome the adversity and challenges that are presented to them, then the dream will be abandoned and lost.

A dream is a desire, one that consumes and obsesses you until it is realised.

Having made the decision that you will make this dream happen, with the visualisation and belief in the attainment of your desire, then, you must have faith in the events that happen along the way.

Everything happens for a reason, to give us direction or to teach us something and it is up to us to interpret what is happening.

Sometimes you may be taken in a totally different direction, but there will be a reason for this, it may be the only way you will find out what you need for your dream to be progressed or realised.

If you are determined enough, if your desire to succeed is so strong that it totally consumes you, if you can visualise and believe in your dream and have faith, keeping going no matter what adversity presents itself, then you will have your dream realised.