The Jenny Lind Crib

Jenny Lind is not a brand name; it is a type of crib. Many companies like DaVinci, Angel Line and Delta Luv make a Jenny Lind baby crib. Its style is one of nice old-fashioned charm and is still as much in demand as it was when it first appeared in the 1850s.

What is a Jenny Lind Crib?

This type of baby crib is very simple in design. It consists of turned slats, or spindles (remember buying a stick of twisted candy? The spindles look the same) on all four sides. The rails along the sides are usually slightly lower than the bottom and top rails. Also, the top and bottom rails tend to be rounded at the ends. Most Jenny Lind cribs are not designed to be convertible; that is, they can’t be converted into toddler or full size beds. Most also come with a single drop side, whilst some, like the Delta Luv come with two. Finally, the majority of well-made, good Jenny Lind cribs come with castor wheels.

Why are they called Jenny Lind cribs?

Jenny Lind was a renowned Swedish opera singer. In 1850, she toured America – a concert tour promoted by P.T. Barnum, of Barnum & Bailey’s Circus fame. She was an instant sensation and became America’s first big celebrity. She was also known for her charitable work and good deeds. Soon, many products where being name after her and legend has it that, while on tour in the US, she slept on a bed with spindles, and so cribs with spindles were named after her.

The Delta Luv Jenny Lind crib is a low cost model but you get a lot for your money. It comes in either oak or white finish – white is very pretty. It has 5-position, posture-perfect mattress support and meets ASTM and JPMACP standards. Its biggest selling point is that it has double drop sides.

The Angel Line Jenny Lind crib is a little more expensive at around $150. It is of solid hardwood construction with a nontoxic finish. It has a single drop side with a heavy-duty stabilizer bar that makes putting Baby to bed very easy. The mattress has four height settings.

The DaVinci Jenny Lind crib costs around $200. There are number of finishes including oak, ebony, cherry, white and pink. Again, this is a single drop side model. As with all quality cribs it comes with safety polymer hardware and release mechanism and teething rails. This piece of furniture looks beautiful in cherry.

The manufacturers mentioned above are not the only ones making this type of crib. It’s an extremely popular design, and while the designs have little variation, it’s worth having a look at what else is available.

Jenny Lind cribs are for those who like the old-fashioned, Victorian look of furniture. It is certainly a style of baby crib that has stood the test of time and seems to be as popular today as it was when the opera star first came to the US.