The Inspiration Behind the Nintendo Wii

Satoru Iwata is the president of the Nintendo Corporation. Years ago following the release of the Nintendo Game Cube, He his team at Nintendo began to design what would become the Nintendo Wii. It was a very involved process and Nintendo decided to stray from the ordinary to try a totally new approach that proved a fantastic success. While the Wii is unlike any game system that has come before it, the Wii was still grown from existing technology and ideas that had been around for as long a video games themselves.

Nintendo, like all companies dealing with technology, based the design of the Wii off of existing technologies and used the systems than had come before it as a road map. They wanted a better game console, but after considering how video systems were expected to evolve, getting faster and displaying better graphics, Nintendo decided that their next game system was going to be something more. Nintendo realized that if they created a new system following the current trends of the video game community all they would be doing was adding faster, flashier graphics and they though this wouldn’t be enough to create a real excitement within their customer base and they were right.

Designers at Nintendo decided they wanted a console that would blend in to any families’ living room, a system that people of all ages and skill levels could enjoy, and a controller that would look good sitting on a coffee table The decision to do something different was realized in the Wii’s compact, unobtrusive, design and in it’s revolutionary remote. The Wii’s console is surprisingly small, the size of three DVD cases stacked together, and strong as it underwent relentless safety and durability testing. It has a unique style all its own yet is versatile enough to blend in any where. The Wii can be used laying on its side or can be used sitting vertically in a stand. Nintendo achieved a design that could fit in and look good anywhere. The Wii remote is truly where the unique design shines, however, and Nintendo realized its vision of a different game system with the incorporation of this revolutionary control.

Nintendo wanted to appeal to the masses with its next console and the Wii remote solved that problem. The intuitive remote adds a whole new level to game play as the player controls their character onscreen simply by moving the remote. The Wii remote is wireless and senses movement with accelerators and gyroscopes. It can sense whatever movement a player makes and that movement is transmitted to the TV screen with startling accuracy. Nintendo wanted to create something totally different than what was expected from the video game industry and the Wii remoter is truly unique.

Nintendo had vision of a new game system that anyone could enjoy and that would fit in anywhere. The realized their dream with the Nintendo Wii and the amazing popularity of the system has proven that their ideas about what a new game system should be like were spot on.