The Infamous “Google Slap” and what you can do to “Slap Google Back”.

Google has made some major changes over the past few months due to the FTC cracking down on boisterous income claims, Hype Advertising and flat out illegitimate advertisers taking advantage of the freedom that Google Offers the savvy Adwords user.

Loyal Google Customers have been up in arms about the so called “Google Slap”. Folks who had been spending in upwards of $100,000 per month simply were shut down. Why? Well, it’s because of a number of things, The first being relevancy.

Keywords must match the ad copy that the advertiser is using to lure eye balls. The ad copy then in turn must match the landing page or website. If what is promised in the ad doesn’t match up with what is on the page behind the clickable link, it’s not relevant and this is one reason for the“Smack Down”.

Thousands upon thousands of folks across the globe have been shut down and their lead flow and business has taken a huge hit or has it. Savvy Marketers like myself were not effected by the “Slap”. You know why? Because of SEO. You may be saying, “What”? Yep, those who had taken the time to learn how to position themselves in the Organic Search part of Google, were not affected. Good content that is SEO friendly and ranks at the top of the page gets almost 20 times more traffic than the #1 spot on Google. Here is the BEST part about it, it’s free.

Let me go over the differences between :

Pay Per Click:

1. Costs Lots of Money

2. ($.03-$20.00) Per Click

3. Others Can knock you off by bidding higher

4. Gain Instant Traffic

5. Forces You To Optimize For Conversions


1.The Traffic is Free

2.You Can Rank High ForValue Keywords

3. Difficult for someone to take over your postion

4. Passive, Ongoing Traffic

5. Way More Traffic Than PPC

OK, now that we have gone over the pro’s and con’s. Which do you think you would rather roll in? Well the answer is both. You see if the people who knew anything about anything about Adwords were savvy enough, they would know that their money keywords in Adwords can be taken over to the organic side via SEO.

If you already know that a keyword is pullling traffic and conversions on paid search, you know there is a market for it, so why not create some KILLER content and own the #1, #2, #3 Spots in the organic listing. For those of you who don’t know what Organic is, it’s the results that come up on the left side of Google when you query something.

If you want to play on the Adwords Platform these days, you must have a content filled landing page meaning, use a wordpress blog… This is a big tip and if your any kind of expert, you would have to agree. What is great about the Slap is it removed all of the sleezy advertisers and is going to make the Adwords Platform a much friendlier place for it’s end users.

In Conclusion, Adwords is great is you have money to spend and want to get quick traffic. SEO is more of a long term approach, drives more high quality traffic, and requires you to be able to create content via, video, article, press release, etc.

Peace and Elbow Greace,

Josh Boxer