The Importance of Turntable Trucks

Turntable trucks are very similar to platform trucks with the addition of “turntable steering”. A basic platform truck is simple in design as it boasts a flat platform in which a user would place their goods, a set of 4 wheels mounted underneath the platform and a long loop handle that is used to pull the platform truck.

The turntable truck sports the same design as the platform truck with the bonus of maximum maneuverability. The steering on turntable trucks provide the truck with a very tight turning circle where both front wheels turn around a common pivot, each wheel gains its own pivot, close to its own hub.

Turntable trucks are most commonly made out of medal which includes the platform, handle and the frame; a very stable design. Other features can be added to a turntable truck such as ends and side panels for enclosing the platform, brakes that can be applied by raising the handle into a vertical position, corner posts, anti slip rubber matting for no slip materials on the platform, t-bar handles as well as custom made designs can be manufactured at a customers requests.

Wheels that can be applied to turntable trucks are quite important as they supply most of the drivability as well as climbing ability to the truck.

There are several choices that can be made for the type of wheel and they are:

  • Pneumatic wheels are best for rough surfaces, and fragile loads. The tire is inflated with air providing a soft, cushioned ride of your turntable truck. They are relatively light, but have greater rolling resistance, lower weight capacities, and of course, they have the ability to go flat.
  • Solid Rubber tires are good for everyday multipurpose applications. They have fairly good rolling contention qualities, and can also be used on somewhat rugged terrain. Better quality solid rubber tires have heavier weight capacities, but are also the heaviest tire of the type.
  • Polyurethane wheels are used most often on higher quality turntable trucks. They have similar qualities to rubber tires but with better floor barriers and durability in most applications. A well made poly wheel will be durable, light and able to withstand power steam cleanings and chemical spills. They are usually more costly than the alternative rubber, or nylon wheels.
  • Phenolic wheels are the most powerful wheel and offer the least amount rolling contention. Like polyurethane, they can withstand chemical spills, and a power steam cleaning. They are mainly used in industrial or construction heavy duty atmospheres but Phenolic wheels will not provide a soft, quiet ride of your turntable truck or where traction and floor protection are desired.

While most people may not have turntable trucks in their home, it is likely that they have encountered one within their life. Turntable trucks can be witnessed hauling wood, paneling, stones, paving slabs, bags of cement, plumbing equipment, kitchen appliances, safes and more.

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