The Importance of TMV Plumbing

textShowering is one of the most important aspects of any person’s life. It is what helps us as humans remain clean. Having a shower is more than just cleaning the body. A shower is a therapeutic experience. It helps a person stabilise themselves and be their truest, naked self. Although the minor things could quickly destroy this fragile experience, whether someone is knocking on the door or the water suddenly turning too hot or too cold out of nowhere due to bad TMV plumbing. TMV plumbing is the most important thing in anybody’s bathroom, and it takes a nice relaxing shower for an experience on par with being cooked alive.

The Importance of Having a Shower

Showering is the epitome of cleaning yourself. When a person showers, it leads to them cleaning the skin from various impurities. When a person has a shower, they become a new version of themselves. They can exfoliate and use essential oils to help them feel better. For over a millennium, people have been using the shower as a therapeutic tool. Showers are their safe space, where they are their true selves. After a long day at work, every single person just looks forward to having a shower. A nice bubble bath that lets them relax completely. This is where the true importance of a shower comes in. This is where a person de-stresses. It is almost medicinal and allows every person to face the next day. This is a powerful tool and, if corrupted by bad plumbing, it could ruin the entire experience. For example, if the TMV valve fails, this could result in death in the long run.

What Is the TMV Valve?

The TMV valve is a motor that controls the merging of the hot and cold-water supplies of a plumbing system. It is the only thing standing between the person taking a shower and scalding hot water. Water in a shower can reach temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, which is boiling, and if it comes into contact with the skin, it can cause third-degree burns, which can leave deep scars that never fade. It only takes 1 second for an adult and 0.5 sec for a child to receive 3rd-degree burns from a broken TMV valve. The TMV, or Thermostatic Mixing Valve, is used to protect customers from dangerously hot water, particularly the elderly and children. The TMV valve’s most vital function is to maintain the flow of hot water so that if the hot or cold water is lost, the supply of cold and hot water is cut off.

This is why it is necessary to have annual maintenance and testing of the TMV valve. A good company will have a simple testing method that’s offered to the customers along with the purchase of the TMV valve. This plumbing of the TMV is a life-saving feature that is needed for every person who takes a shower. This is needed to keep the showers safe and make sure that they don’t get cooked alive. A TMV valve needs to be installed in every home, hospital and senior centre immediately. A slight temperature fluctuation and even being exposed to it, even for a few seconds of scalding hot water, could scar a person for life. So, save the family and the children and install a life-saving TMV valve and get it checked often using some TMV plumbing.

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