The Importance of Self Development

The idea of personal growth for me has gone 360º in my thinking about how it relates to business.Let me explain why. I am a “READY GO” person so in the early days of my business I felt that the personal growth component was not a priority.

At first, I felt that far too many people “nested” in personal development and never did the business. I was just the opposite. I didn’t do anything much in the direction of personal growth. As my company grew – quickly grew, I determined that we are all on a personal growth path, however, we are not all at the same place in our journey. People, all of us have come to the business via different directions having come from various career backgrounds. Many of those career paths are not terribly rich in providing opportunity for a person to develop and grow. We all need to be growing in our journeys here on planet earth.

What I will tell you is that it does not build your business to stick your head in a book or tap your toes to the introduction music of the motivational tapes more an hour or two tops per day. This is NOT income producing activity. You need to be in income producing activity at least 80% of your work week time. I have no more than five suggestions in my “Leaders are Readers” section and then a few more in the “Supercharge and Take it to the Next Level” portion. I separate the two so new business coaches know they can get started quickly with a short list in terms of personal growth. On my short list is the following:
– Watch or read The Secret (
– Add these important books to your library and make it a priority to read them…

o Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

o You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor

o The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

o The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

These are not in a particular order except one and two. Listening to The Secret will greatly assist people in an important mind-set – that of being in the state of attraction. Don’t feel you need to be able to do this perfectly right away. It doesn’t happen for most people that way. Give yourself permission to recognize you are a work in progress and small steps are valuable. Whenever I notice a negative thought slipping in I take a deep breath and redirect to a positive place of thought. So first is the mind-set of attraction. Next I want my new starts to spend time with Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich where they will immerse themselves and feel the importance of growing themselves personally. I love the journey he suggests on self-confidence early in the book. Do a team call on confidence and focus on the portion of his writings.

The 4 Hour Work Week is the freshest piece I have read in a long time. Readers will be highlighting and taking notes on the perspectives and checking the websites Tim Ferriss suggests. It will be a book to carry around with you as you grow your business and choose to develop a lifestyle only some people “dreamline”. You Were Born Rich is just a timeless piece from a highly respected mentor to so many of us. Bob Proctor helped me understand that we are all born with abundance and what we do with that is up to us. Joseph Murphy’s The Power of the Subconscious Mind opens a bright new way in which you use your mind!

The entrepreneurial adventure before us with a business in network marketing has a center is allowing relationship and individual development. DON’T be a gerbil on one of those little tread wheels going round and round and never getting on down the road toward your financial goal. DO hold high the value of personal development. Plan to jog your way through the short list and walk on to whatever you choose to supercharge to the next level. Just make it as easy as possible in the start up to begin your journey of growth.