The Importance Of A Fire Place Screen

Fireplace Screens and Their Importance

The fire place has been around for a long time. Though typically the fire place is a decorative aspect of the home and a great way to stay warm on a cold night, they used to be a much more important part of the house. Years ago the fire place wasn’t simply a fun spot to snuggle up when when it was cold, it was the only place. In those days, there wasn’t indoor heating, since electricity hadn’t been invented. Additionally, fireplaces were the place where hot meals were cooked for the family. Those that couldn’t afford an additional wood-burning stove did all the cooking using a fireplace.

Fire place screens were originally about function more than beauty. They weren’t pretty home furnishings, rather they were important tools for keeping the house safe from burning logs and embers. At some point, someone made the decision to build on the basic idea and made fire place screens useful but also eye catching pieces to protect the house and family from fire and cinders. And why not? You’re going to be seeing it all the time, shouldn’t it be beautiful?

The history of the fire place screen typically illustrates the two reasons people have them: beauty and safety.

As far as safety is concerned, there are a few reasons, some of which may be less obvious to you why you want a fire place screen in front of those flames.

One clear reason to have a fire screen is safety. Logs will shift, roll and splinter with very little warning. Without a firescreen any of those smoldering logs could roll out of the fire place and on to the floor. A fireplace screen that is well positioned controls burning logs and may save your house from fire damage. At the very least it will keep your family safe.

The next reason for a fireplace screen is probably less obvious. Although you may think that the fire contained and safe, there will always be cinders and debris that threaten to fly into the room. That red-hot ash can come into your home if you don’t have a screen to hold them in. A fire place screen will also keep other burnt ashes from making their way into your home. That translates to less dirty air and mess around your house. And, fire place screens are a good way to keep children and pets safe, because it will form a sort of wall in front of the fire.

beyond safety and cleanliness, another reason for fireplace screens is because they can be so attractive. You may be surprised at how many people never light their fireplaces but love the look of a decorative fire place screen. If you would like fire light to accentuate your fireplace screen, you may want to consider one that’s made out of colored glass. The fire light will offer a colorful, vivid glow that will fill the room. Other options include metal fireplace screens with woven designs that will create a scene or image when the light shines through it. For those who never really use their fireplace, there are also artist created screens. Honestly, these are hand painted pieces of art that can be placed in front of the fire place. These generally can’t be used in front of a real fire, because heat could ruin the screen.

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