The Ideal London Venue

London is the ideal venue for business meetings, seminars, and conferences, superbly served with high speed transport connections, world class technology facilities, accommodations, technical, and professional services.

It is also one of the world’s leading cities. Whether you are looking for a venue to conduct a meeting with national or international attendees, London will be able to accommodate your venue size, servicing, and budgetary needs.

London is the financial heart of the European Union (EU) and capital of one of only four trillion dollar economies in the EU with an infrastructure to match. The business infrastructure is being improved even further, because of London being selected as the venue for the ultimate global sporting occasion – the Olympic games will be hosted by London in 2012, and a £9 billion ($18 billion) construction project is underway.

As a venue for business meetings of any size, London enjoys considerable advantages over the rest of the world by virtue of its location on the Greenwich Median. This allows participants to travel in as little as six hours from the United States, to perform daily commutes from all parts of Europe, and to travel and attend a meeting on the same day without overnight stopovers.

As a consequence of London’s commercial history dating back over two thousand years, a very wide range of venues are available, and they can be fully equipped with any requirement for technology, space and business support services. London itself is serviced by three international airports and a dedicated business airport only 20 minutes from the city center. Excellent train and road links allow for rapid and comfortable transfers from airport to business meeting place, and as a city that hosts millions of business and tourist visitors every day, the range and quality of hotels is immense.

Over 200 daily scheduled flights connect the US and London, primarily using Gatwick and Heathrow Airports, with many airlines operating hourly flights to New York and more than half a dozen flights per day to other US destinations. London’s airports also provide more scheduled flights connecting the Far East, South Africa, and South America than any other European venue.

London is also the European Union leader in the provision and implementation of broadband based Internet technologies with greater internet connectivity than any other European city, and more than Washington DC. Using London as a venue for both physical and virtual attendees is easily arranged with the resources and technology services readily available. The frequent IT joke is that London actually floats on fibre, given the amount of optic cable supporting communications in the city.

London is a very cosmopolitan and vibrant city that is home to a wider range of nationalities and languages than New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and any other European city. Interpreters and language support are widely available, often with native speakers, and cheap compared to other international venues. As a place to entertain clients and colleagues; it is second to none in offering entertainment, food, and other diversions.

Given the international dominance of London as a center providing professional services and international markets, there is a heavy presence of legal, accounting, technology, banking, and international business support services readily available to attend any venue in and around the city. As a recognised centre of international business excellence, London excels as a venue for transacting business and holding corporate meetings both nationally and globally.

As a national venue for business meetings, London is easily accessible by train, road, and air from all parts of the UK that again allow attendees to travel to the venue, participate in a meeting, and return to base ion the same day. Travel from the UK’s other major cities, such as Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast can be accomplished in under two hours in most cases, depending on the mode of transport.

Meeting venues in the heart of the city, or on the periphery bounded by the M25 motorway, are simple and easy to arrange, and London also offers the opportunity to host meetings in some of the most historic and spectacular venues in the world, if you are looking for a venue with a difference. Where else would you find a selection of meeting venues ranging from hi-tech commercial premises and business hotels to castles or palaces and all within an hour of London’s city centre?

No matter how long you wish to hold your meeting, you will find a venue in London that can satisfy your needs, whether it is a serviced office needed for only an hour or a training course lasting several months.