The Iconic Bvlgari Men’s Watches

For over a century, Bvlgari watches have been in the forefront of Italian watch design and fine jewelry. Their style is often imitated, which goes to show how impressive their watches truly are. They combine Greek and Roman art with their instantly recognizable and unique bold designs, and it would be hard for someone to not find something they enjoy.

Their Bvlgari Blvgari watch is the iconic watch of their watch assortment. It’s true contemporary design is enhanced by a double logo bevel on a perfectly cut cylinder. The amount of options is endless in this. No matter what option is chosen, if safe to say this watch just speaks sophistication.

The Assioma line of watches is for someone who is looking for something a little bit different. It’s quadrangular case is sure to set your watch apart from everyone else’s, giving it a very strong personality. You can get the watch in a distinctive metal case, as well as a more flashy yellow gold case. If you are looking for something different in a watch, this is the one to choose.

Their Rettangolo watch speaks for itself. With influence from the nineteen-thirties, this watch mixes contemporary design with geometric lines and shapes. Like the other watches in the line, you have the option of choosing the case material, steel, yellow gold or white gold. What set’s this watch apart from the rest however, is the rectangular shape of the case, as well as the unique geometric design of the dial. If you are looking for something with a bit of history behind the design, the Rettangolo is the watch for you.

Their Ergon watch is definitely something unique and interesting from Bvlgari. This design is a perfect bled of elegance mixed into more of a sporty design. It has a distinctive personality, while still attaining harmony and energy. It’s ergonomical shape blends perfectly into the bracelet making the watch seem like one single piece.

The classical Diagono watch perfectly rounds up their entire men’s watch line. The name of the watch is taken directly from the Greek word “argon”, meaning competition. What a great name for a watch that epitomizes and strong sport design. With its distinctive bevel design, the watch creates a simple and clean look sure to satisfy anyone’s needs.

With their long history, and highly imitated designs, it’s obvious to see why Bvlgari has been around so long. They have a style of watch that fits everyone’s needs. No matter what style you choose, with their unique statement and unique designs, you are sure to create a classy an iconic statement.

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