The Human Skateboard

It’s the latest rage, or so says one brand of skateboarding shoes that invented human skateboarding. What are the requirements? It’s basically finding a big enough human being, preferably male, and can support at least the skateboarder’s weight. Skill not required. The human skateboard may or may not be impervious to injury.

It sounds like a gimmick for a lot of people, but in its own way it’s been a rage that garnered a couple of good laughs as well as copycats with their own videos. The process of capturing the video with tricks and stunts that human skateboarders can’t do in real life is called stop-motion video. This filming technique has been around for decades, if some would remember Gumby or A Nightmare before Christmas, to cite a few.

The idea was based on an advertising campaign by one company that specializes in skateboard shoes last year, which just about every skateboarder on the planet have voted it as the advertisement of the year in popular voting.

Ever since that commercial, there have been some similar imitations, usually from popular media content websites from amateurs who happened to be skateboarders themselves. The company who created the commercial never seem to have any qualms, in fact they dedicated a website for those who want to have a few laughs with their human skateboarding tricks. Rule and guidelines are followed, and of course some safety precautions that in order to protect the human skateboard itself… or himself.

Some of the best footages from human skateboarders have been shelling out different scenarios and the like. One such example on funny moments is when the human skateboarder ‘crashes by accident’, which the human skateboard was flipped over its back, causing the skateboarder to wipeout.

It’s hard to find a lot of marketing gimmicks and strategies when it concerns skateboarding, as most of these companies would fight tooth and nail just to earn the favor of the consumer. Considering the facts, it would appear that skateboarding may only be meant for the professionals only. But what are professionals skateboarders made of?

It’s refreshing to see a company that seems to know and understand what a skateboarder really is. Deep down, they want to have fun, to the extent that they make fun of the only sport they do for a living.

Ideas such as the human skateboard have garnered the respect from both professionals and amateur skateboarders alike, realizing that skateboarding is supposed to be fun, not product placements only.