The Home Security Expert and Panic Room Protection

Sometimes it takes a home security expert to weigh in an opinion in order to feel like an answer is more definitive. A home security expert would now say that the way to guarantee an extra level of safety in your home is to construct a safe room. Safe rooms have been in homes for years, but the movie starring Jodi Foster called Panic Room, made them more of a conversational topic. If you have the money, and the means, you can construct a safe room in your own home without having to be part of the rich and famous society.

A safe room is a room reserved for emergencies. A sealed room can only allow five hours of oxygen per square foot of space. Therefore, a home security expert would recommend that you have the following conditions available in any safe room of your home. You should have a room that is easily available to all members of your household, in the interior of your home and without windows. There should be a line of communication that can call for help such as a cell phone, separate phone line, or a hand held radio. You may also want a space that can store emergency supplies.

Affordable home security is possible, but it does have a price that could potentially be larger than any other costs. For instance, many people have started to use a bathroom or a closet as a means of extra protection. A home security expert will say that this is fine, but that a solid core wood or steel door with a steel knob should replace the regular door in order to be the safest room possible. You don’t want a predator to be able to bust the door down and you don’t want your safe room to only be safe with a handle lock. If you are going to construct a safe room in the existing construction, and if you are going to do it the right way, you should only be paying approximately $40,000. However, home security expert Neal Rawls, who is based in Florida, insists that this task of protection can be done for much less if the right elements are in place.

Panic rooms have their essentials, just like anything else. Some of the needed items are a keyless deadbolt (a Grade-1 deadbolt is usually recommended), an alarm system, a direct-dial telephone, and a cell phone. All of the hinges and locks should be secured with the toughest and most heavy-duty screws such as three-inch screws and four screw hinges. The door to your safe room should be made from steel or a thick wood to prevent easy access, and good ventilation is a necessity. If there are windows, they need to be sealed and possibly covered to prevent additional access. The point of a safe room is the concept of having the best home security isolated to one section of your home.

A home security expert may agree that a safe room it the best in home security measures, but most would agree that they are not for the curious. Zytech Engineering, based out of Maryland, is the most affordable when it comes to safe house construction, design, and product placement. Zytech’s company offers packages with the lowest being a whopping $17,000. Unless you feel like you have a very good reason to go through the construction and implementation of providing your home with a safe room, skip this level of protection. Safe rooms profess to be in case of hurricanes, tropical storms, and other bad weather, but really they are made to protect human against human. Make sure that your reasons are legitimate before securing a safe room in your home.