The History of Scalar Energy on One Page

If you’ve ever been to a health and wellness expo, chances are you may have heard something about scalar energy. It’s becoming popular among the alternative health community, but has actually been around for quite some time.

Scalar energy was originally discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the mid 1850’s. Maxwell was a theoretical physicist and mathematician who was born in Scotland in 1831 and his discovery was a new form of energy now known as Scalar Energy.

Once Maxwell had discovered the existence of this energy, Nikola Tesla — a Yugoslavian mathematical and mechanical engineer — then worked to prove and demonstrate its existence in 1856. Tesla referred to Scalar energy as standing energy or universal waves and he was able to collect it without the use of any cables and wires.

Albert Einstein also noted and made reference to Scalar Energy during his work in the 1920’s, but the question asks, how is it different?

Our everyday electro-magnetic waves have wave action and frequencies, which are easily measurable in the unit of Hertz.

Scalar energy on the other hand is a static, stationary energy that has no frequencies and cannot be measured in Hertz like electro-magnetic waves. It is a very special and unique type of energy and only now are we beginning to understand its importance and possibilities.

Although only discovered within the last 150 years, scalar energy has existed since the beginning of time.

Scalar energy is found within in the vacuum of empty space, ranging anywhere from the empty atmosphere in the earth, to the small spaces between your bodily cells. In nature, it can be found in desolate hills, rain forests and is generated by crashing ocean waves.

Perhaps the most promising benefit of scalar energy is its healing properties. It has been known to reduce and can possibly eliminate many forms of disease, but since its discovery more 150 years ago, knowledge on scalar energy has been held in secrecy by a select few who were able to understand its complexity.

Thankfully, we now have a better understanding and knowledge and scalar energy is rising to the surface. The general population can easily learn about the properties of scalar energy to harness and use the miraculous benefits to improve their own health and wellness.