The Hidden Danger of Emails

Have you noticed people tend to hide behind emails these days? It is soooo easy to blast off a quick email rather than a phone call.

BUT – emails have a tendency to be taken the wrong way, and in the wrong context.

I just saved a deal because I understand the inherent problem with email communication.

The background: a prospect emailed me for a quote. His request was not enough information for me to provide anything specific. So I was persistent, and maybe a little difficult, in that I do not provide a quote until I know exactly what I am quoting on.

Danger #1 – asking for clarification by email in the wrong way can be taken like you don’t care, or want, their business.

Once that was cleared up, I put together a thorough proposal and emailed it over.

The person replied back a couple days later asking about the price. They missed the price in the quote – so I resent that section.

Danger #2 – I resent it without clarifying I was resending something they already had in their emails from me. Never assume ANYTHING with email

They replied back saying it was a very unprofessional way of doing it – sending the proposal without the price – and expecting them to ask for the price (again – all this because of a misunderstanding – and them not reading the original proposal in its entirety).

I could have gotten nasty at this point – but I didn’t. I could have pointed out that they need to open their eyes and read what was already sent to them.

And the deal would have been lost.

But, having dealt with email issues long enough – I thought through my follow up carefully. And I pointed out that the price was there right from the start – sorry for the confusion.

The result? The deal is done and I saved a disaster from happening (possibly even bad word of mouth if it was not dealt with properly).

Danger #3 – Next time you are thinking of sending a scathing email out – type it – but DELETE their email from the to: field. Sit on the email for at least a couple hours – read it again when you calm down – and then send it.

This simple process has saved my hide (and bank account) more than a few times now.

Think through your emails very carefully – they will NOT be perceived in the same way that you intended. If the person is having a bad day… or they are sick of emails (go figure)… or if they just got bad news… or … or… or.

The reasons are numerous for your email to be taken the wrong way. And it can hurt your business and your income if you don’t think it through properly.

Just about did for me today!