The Health Risks Of Snoring

Maybe you can still recall the first time your kids and your spouse heard you snore.

There was a bit of humor and some jokes here and there when the night approached. But things changed after a month, when they
realized it was not funny; rather it was disturbing.

“Thou dost snore distinctly,” William Shakespeare wrote in The Tempest, “there’s meaning in thy snores.” It was not long ago when modern medicine started to dig more into what the Father of English Literature wrote hundreds of years ago. He was right when he said there is meaning behind a snore, as it is attributed to several health reasons, and could bring worse complications if left unattended.

For plump middle-aged men, snoring may be associated with sleep apnea, which is a more serious disorder that is linked to the snorer not being able to breathe. From the Greek word “Apnea” which is the absence of breathing, it is clear that the snorer suffers from lack of oxygen, and thus, finds episodes when he wakes up gasping for breath. In a situation like this, there’s no doubt that it is a life-threatening disorder. And because the snorer wakes up often just to breathe, the quality of deep sleep is reduced, which results to fatigue and drowsiness at daytime. Such factors bring accidents and mishaps at work or on the road. In extreme cases, this
may lead to death.

But negative effects that hound the snorer also extend to the members of his family and others as well. Imagine being ignored and being the center of unwanted attention just because you were accused of disturbing them while sleeping. If you’ve been snoring for 12 months now, then that means they’ve been struggling to sleep deeply for 365 nights! And just imagine being the only person in the house whom they don’t want to see in the morning. How does it feel to be the recipient of their grouchy treatment when they have to battle with your snores every night?

Even your spouse who used to sleep in your bedroom may be sleeping somewhere now. This means less intimacy, less communications, and more fights. An aftermath of all this is possibly marital breakdown if your snoring persists. Who wants to sleep with a snorer anyway?

Along with this, neighbors will find you annoying if your snores are loud enough for them to hear. So you’re not only a nuisance to the family, but to your neighbors as well.

Clearly, snoring is not just a mere health problem that is dealt by the snorer alone.

The emotional and psychological threats attached to it are so great that they affect the snorer and the people around him financially, psychologically and emotionally in more ways than one could imagine. But it’s not the end of the world if you snore. With the aid of a medical expert, your life will look brighter when it’s cured. So go seek for an advice and arm yourself with determination (and money) to cure this problem once and for all.